Black Agenda Report 20 March 2019: Reparations Means Global Social Transformation; The Permanence of White Supremacy; How the US Creates Sh*thole Countries

20 March 2019 — Black Agenda Report

Reparations Means Global Social Transformation 

– Glen Ford , BAR executive editor
Reparations is not a token gesture of concern, apology or even solidarity; it seeks justice and redress of wrongs through the transformation of a people’s condition.

Freedom Rider: The Permanence of White Supremacy 

– Margaret Kimberley , BAR editor and senior columnist
Zionism, manifest destiny, wars on terror, humanitarian interventions, and the Monroe and other doctrines always boil down to a license to kill.

How the U.S. Creates ‘Sh*thole’ Countries: A Review 

– Danny Haiphong , BAR contributor
Cynthia McKinney and her co-writers have produced an important literary tool for anti-imperial agitation and education.

toe tag trio: coup combo 

Raymond Nat Turner, BAR poet-in-residence
A right wing hawk flies humanitarian aid in…Then sits, hen-like,’til it hatches Bombs…

Pacifica Is a Grassroots Radio Lifeline: Let’s Keep It Together 

Ann Garrison , BAR contributor
In many urban areas, Pacifica and its affiliates offer the only counter to the Republican/Democratic duopoly narratives.

The Secret to Funding a Green New Deal 

Ellen Brown
Millions of jobs can be created in a national energy transformation without blowing up the deficit.

Letters from Our Readers  

Jahan Chowdhry, BAR Comments Editor
Double standards in the criminal justice system, the relationship between feminism and sex work as well as between reparations and immigrants were

Black Agenda Radio, Week of March 18, 2018 

Click the link above for the entire one hour show, or any of the next four links for the individual segment thereof.
Between 1919 and 1939, the National Federation of Colored Women’s Clubs attempted to run a school for “wayward” Black girls called the Efland Home, in North Carolina. Girls ran away and rejected the regimen, and the facility was finally closed. “I think Efland shows that, just because people are of the same race does not mean that they are of the same community,” said Lauren Henley, a doctoral student studying history at the University of Texas, at Austin, who wrote about the Efland saga for Souls, A Critical Journal of Black Politics, Culture and Society.
“We’re seeing a crumbling of Israel’s ability to defend and promote the apartheid state,” said political analyst Chris Hedges. Rep. Ilhan Omar’s defiance of the pro-Israel lobby “illustrates a kind of seismic change, especially among a younger generation which is not beholden to Israel,” said Hedges, a former foreign correspondent for the New York Times.
Haitians have all kinds of theories on what seven heavily armed American mercenaries were up to when they were arrested outside the country’s Central Bank at the height of civil disturbances, last month. The mercs were later flown back to the US, where they were released. “What role is our government playing in Haitian affairs, and what would cause the U.S. government to intervene in this case?” asked Jake Johnston, who investigated the matter for the Washington-based Center for Economic and Policy Research.
Vilissa Thompson fights to make sure that Black disabled people’s lives matter, too.  A social worker and disabilities activist, Thompson is the creator of “Ramp Your Voice!” and the hash tag #DisabilitiesTooWhite, which she said is designed “to tune in on all these private conversations we have about racism within the disability community, and how racism impacts the quality of life and opportunities” for disabled people of color like herself.

BAR Book Forum: Gary Dorrien’s “The New Abolition” 

Roberto Sirvent, BAR Book Forum Editor
The founder of Black social gospel fought hard for their right to combine racial justice politics and progressive theology in black church contexts

BAR Book Forum: Tamura Lomax’s “Jezebel Unhinged” 

Roberto Sirvent, BAR Book Forum Editor
The jezebel discourse is reproduced in and circulated between the Black Church and black popular culture, making each a site of antiblack and sexist stereotypic cultivation and pornotropic gazing.

The US Is Failing Black Women With HIV 

Thurka Sangaramoorthy
Many believe the HIV epidemic in the US is nearing an end, but Blacks represent 43 percent of all persons with newly diagnosed HIV.

Truth, Freedom and Peace will Prevail in Rwanda  

Robin Philpot
Millions of Africans in three countries have died in the 25 years since Paul Kagame’s troops shot down the a plane carrying two African presidents.

Facing Wrongful Detention and Threats, Afro-Colombian Women Call for Justice

J. M. Kirby
In Colombia, “all human rights defenders are considered criminals,” especially those who are Black or indigenous.

Venezuela: Adiós Guaidó 

Angel Guerra Cabrera
The self-proclaimed interim president committed suicide when he called for U.S. military intervention in his own country.

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