Mark Zuckerberg’s Dilemma: Eventually Silicon Valley Will Fall… BY Caleb Maupin

6 March 2019 — New Eastern Outlook

The Silicon Valley monopolist Mark Zuckerberg, who controls the social media empire known as “Facebook” finds himself in an increasingly tough spot. Certain forces within the western political establishment want him to exercise his power more ruthlessly, but he realizes this could lead to his ultimate downfall.

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Venezuela Newslinks 6 March 2019

6 March 2019 16:20 — The New Dark Age

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Venezuelan Tragedy: United States planning another coup d’état in Latin America

Selected Articles: The Recolonization of Latin America and the War on Venezuela

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From Iraqi weapons of mass destruction to Syrian chemical weapons by Thierry Meyssan

5 March 2019 — Voltaire Network

In a report dated 1 March 2019, the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) attests to the fact that were never any prohibited chemical substances in Douma (Syria) during the attack of 7 April 2018. The reprisal tripartite bombing (United States, France, United Kingdom) was therefore unjustified. This scandal is exactly identical to the story of the bogus Iraqi weapons of mass destruction. It will be followed by many other items of fake news as long as the West continues to trust their medias.

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The empire’s creative destruction By Vijay Prashad

6 March 2019 — Asia Times

The phrase is used over and over again by the government of the United States. “Strongest sanctions in history” – now against Iran, then against Venezuela. US government officials revel in the timbre of exaggeration, their phrases shaking countries and overturning civilizations. It is hard to keep track of how many countries the United States currently sanctions.

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Media Lens: The Fake News Nazi – Corbyn, Williamson And The Anti-Semitism Scandal

6 March 2019 — Media Lens

One of us had a discussion with an elderly relative:

‘He can’t be allowed to become Prime Minister.’

‘Why not?’

‘It’s so awful…’

‘What is?’

‘The way he hates the Jews.’

The last comment was spoken with real anguish, the result of continuous exposure to just two main news sources: the Daily Mail and the BBC.

What is astonishing is that, just four years ago, essentially no-one held this view of Jeremy Corbyn.

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Douma Chemicals Attack: Is Western Media Bias Actually Enflaming the Syria War? By Martin Jay

6 March 2019 — Strategic Culture Foundation

When Britain, France and the US launched airstrikes last April in Syria against Assad military sites, few, if any, western pundits raised their head above the pulpit and questioned the hasty decision, to ‘retaliate’ against the Syrian leader – as it was taken for granted that a chemical weapons attack in Douma was likely to have originated from Assad.

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City of London: The shocking study no mainstream media outlet dared to publish

6 March 2019 — True Publica

By Robert Woodward – TruePublica: A seriously important and highly credible study was published five months ago last October. It was completely ignored by all of the mainstream media. Not one took the opportunity to publish the stunning revelations for fear of what might happen if they did. The report has unpalatable political consequences for the government – in fact, both Labour and Tory are implicated by the exposure of this colossal crime.

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Trump-Kim: Will There be a Third Summit? Selected Articles

6 March 2019 — Global Research

The Trump-Kim Summit: What Really Happened in Hanoi?

By Mike Whitney

Author Michael Haas disputes this account in an article at Haas says there WAS a counter-offer that expanded Washington’s demands to include other weapons systems unrelated to the nuclear file. Read more…
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