Venezuela Newslinks 7 March 2019

7 March 2019 20:04 — The New Dark Age

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Trump and the Venezuelan Opposition Have Much in Common

Greg Maybury: The Divine Right of Dark-hearted Despots (Then and Now)

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Black Agenda Report 7 March 2019: Reparations By Any Other Name, Black Stake in the Green New Deal, RussiaGate and Democratic Defeat

7 March 2019 — Black Agenda Report

Reparations Now? Maybe In Order To Get The Job Done It’s Time to Call It Something Else 

– Bruce A. Dixon , BAR managing editor
While reparations for the descendants of slaves in the US is entirely morally justifiable, it’s an elusive goal. Untangling its psychological and moral baggage from the political reality is something we can and must do.

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Trump: The Warlord of Economic Savagery By Wayne Madsen

7 March 2019 — Strategic Culture Foundation

Trump: The Warlord of Economic Savagery

Donald Trump’s decidedly neo-conservative administration is waging economic warfare through the combined imposition of tariffs and economic sanctions against nations on six continents. Trump’s policies, which fuse bull-headedness with oafishness, have wreaked havoc on the stock market, pension funds, employment, and overall economic stability on a scale not seen since the Great Depression of the last century.

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‘America First’: A Stronger Monroe Doctrine By Federico Pieraccini

7 March 2019 — Strategic Culture Foundation

‘America First’: A Stronger Monroe Doctrine

The previous articles (firstsecond) examined what appears to be a coordinated strategy between Moscow and Beijing to contain the damage wrought by the United States around the world. This strategy’s effectiveness relies heavily on the geographical position of the two countries vis-a-vis the United States and the area of contention. We have seen how the Sino-Russian strategy has been effective in Asia and the Middle-East, greatly stemming American disorder. Moscow and Beijing have less capacity to contain the US and influence events in Europe, given that much depends on the Europeans themselves, who are officially Washington’s allies but are in reality treated as colonies. With the new “America First” doctrine, it is the central and southern parts of the American continent that are on the receiving end of the US struggling to come to terms with the diminishment of its hitherto untrammelled influence in the world.

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The Recolonization of Latin America and the War on Venezuela By James Petras

6 March 2019 — James Petras

Introduction Not since the US pronounced the Monroe Doctrine proclaiming its imperial supremacy over Latin America, nearly 200 years ago, has a White House regime so openly affirmed its mission to recolonize Latin America.

The second decade of the 21st century has witnessed, in word and deed, the most thorough and successful US recolonization of Latin America, and its active and overt role as colonial sepoys of an imperial power.

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On TEDx, Gene Therapy, Profits, and Criminal Thinking By Phil Butler

7 March 2019 — New Eastern Outlook


And the headlines read, “Putin wants his own private internet.” This genius stroke of Neanderthal mass information came from TechRadar via the golden string of stupidity that emanates from Bloomberg. This “thread” I speak of is the connective tissue of the most ominous force in the history of our planet. How’s that for sensational? Now let me show you why America’s propaganda machine will be the end of us all. Very soon, thinking at all will be a crime.

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A very brief lesson in how power works

6 March 2019 — Jonathan Cook

What the left wants to talk about:

  • How we change our societies to make them fairer, more transparent and more caring.
  • How we tackle impending climate catastrophe through some kind of Green New Deal.
  • How we conduct a truly ethical foreign policy that doesn’t give powerful western states the right to invade weaker states, or steal their resources.
  • How we end the influence of the military-industrial complex in fuelling endless wars in which millions are killed or made homeless.

What the left ends up talking about:

  • Whether the UK’s Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn is a secret anti-semite.
  • Whether Julian Assange of Wikileaks is a rapist or a bail fugitive.
  • Whether Bernie Sanders is a misogynist.
  • Whether Venezuela’s Nicolas Maduro is an evil dictator trying to starve his people to keep himself in power.
  • Whether Vladimir Putin of Russia is a fiendish puppet-master controlling the west.

That’s how power works.