Iran Newslinks 3 July 2019

3 July 2019 • 18:50 — The New Dark Age

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Today’s links

The JCPOA Nuclear Deal: Why Europe Cannot Use the ‘Snap Back’ Mechanism Against Iran

Trump Imagines a Quick US War with No Plan B, but Overlooks Iran’s Possible Plan B

The Unwritten History of Israel’s Alliance with Iran’s Shah Dictatorship

Iran Wants War!

How the Third Temple Movement in Israel Rebranded Theocracy as “Civil Rights”

Tribute to Beirut Madness

The United States of Accusations versus Iran

Trump Admin Dangles $50Bn Bribe for Palestinian Surrender

Iran Playing with Fire?

Popular Movements Are The Invisible Hand Of Social Change

Australian prime minister lines up with Trump at the G20

Syria will support Iran against all threats, acts of aggression: President Assad

American Exceptionalism and American Innocence (a book review)

The corporate media’s failures on Iraq – and now Iran – aren’t ‘mistakes’. They’re part of its DNA.

What shape will a military standoff take in Asia?

US Downing of Iranian Airliner Gone From History

The End of Summers

Sanctions on Leader? Ending myth of ‘Millionaire Mullah’

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