Video: “MH17 – Call for Justice”

21 July 2019 — Bonanza Media

Bonanza media investigative team of independent journalists take exclusive interviews with one of the suspects of downing the MH17, Malaysian prime minister Mahathir Mohamad, the colonel who collected the black boxes and much more. 

Documentary directed by Yana Yerlashova

Eye opening testimonies from witnesses and irrefutable evidence from experts.

Exclusive footage shot in Malaysia, The Netherlands and at the crash area in Ukraine.

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As Trump Backs Down, the Pips Squeak By Tom Luongo

21 July 2019 — Strategic Culture Foundation

Last week it was all fire and brimstone. The US was threatening more sanctions on Iran, the Brits were seizing oil tankers and Iran was violating the JCPOA.

This week things look different all of a sudden. An oil tanker goes dark while passing through the Strait of Hormuz, the story fails to get any real traction and the US allows Iranian Foreign Minister, recently sanctioned, to do his job at the United Nations.

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The UK must release the Iranian tanker; The UAE’s mission to Tehran By Elijah J. Magnier

14 July 2019 — Elijah J. Magnier

Before Emmanuel Bonne, the special envoy of the French President Emmanuel Macron to Iran, visited President Hassan Rouhani, he promised to deal with the “Grace I” crisis between Iran and the UK. Iran considered the UK confiscation of its supertanker, loaded with two million barrels of oil, an act of unlawfulpiracy and threatened to retaliate for the British Navy attack on the Iranian tanker that had received permission to enter Gibraltar’s waters for provisions and spare parts. The French intervention led to the release of the captain and sailors. In exchange, Iranian diplomacy promised “not to attack any UK ship sailing in the waters of the Persian Gulf or the Gulf of Oman” pending release of the super tanker “Grace I” with permission to continue to its destination, as high-ranking sources in Tehran confirmed; if release and permission is not forthcoming, the UK can expect consequences.

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Iran’s seizes UK tanker in counter-escalation By M.K. Bhadrakumar

20 July 2019 — Indian Punchline

The British tanker seized by Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps in Strait of Hormuz, Jul 20, 2019

The seizure of a British oil tanker by the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps on July 20 in the Strait of Hormuz has all the hallmarks of a retaliatory act in the downstream of the seizure of an Iranian tanker by the British Navy exactly two weeks ago on July 4 off Gibralter.

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