China News Links 29-31 July 2019

31 July 2019 — The New Dark Age

The Recent Japanese Elections Might Slow Down The US’ “Indo-Pacific” Strategy

Erdogan’s Risky Geopolitical Pirouette

China’s southern coast braces for tropical storm

More children – More prosperity

Why are Western leaders gawd awful bad and China’s so darn competent? Part I.

It’s deceptive to talk about a ‘cycle of violence’ in Hong Kong

Russia and China Display Strategic Coordination in Asia-Pacific. Joint Air Patrol

Hong Kong: build the general strike! Bring the government down!

Layoffs mount as slump in world auto industry deepens

The Dragon lays out its road map, denies seeking hegemony

Memo to the NYT: The Russia Ship Has Sailed

Russia and China Scare American Vassal States

The Dragon lays out its road map, denies seeking hegemony

The Tragic Inevitability of Boris Johnson PM

The Dragon Lays Out Its Road Map, Denies Seeking Hegemony. “China’s National Defense in the New Era”

Nuclear Disarmament Should Be a Top 2020 Campaign Issue But Is Being Ignored

The U.S. Stunt In Hong Kong Will Make Other Issues More Difficult

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