Assange on the Untold Story of the Grounding of Evo Morales’ Plane During Edward Snowden Manhunt

13 September 2019 — Greanville Post

Assange explains the details of the operation to get Snowden to a safe place and how it was disrupted by US intel in cahoots with European allies.

A clearly illegal action by the US involving several European vassal nations to block the Bolivian president’s plane from refueling on its way home from Moscow. If nothing else, it shows the abject degree of vassalage and criminality exhibited by supposedly “sovereign” nations like France, Spain and Italy as they collaborate with the US in operations of importance to the ruling plutocracy. All of this and much worse while the Western publics, especialy the American, continue to be anaethesized by torrents of escapist nonsense and disinformation.

Democracy Now! – In 2013, Julian Assange of WikiLeaks played a pivotal role in helping National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden leave Hong Kong for Russia. During the U.S. hunt for Snowden, Bolivian President Evo Morales’ plane was forced to land in Austria for 14 hours after Spain, France, Portugal and Italy closed their airspace under pressure from the United States over false rumors Snowden was on board. Assange gives the inside story on why that plane was targeted.

Note:  It’s rather clear that Democracy Now! —like many other previously solid anti-establishment/anti-imperialist alternative news sources—has been penetrated by the system, hence its often surprising coverage of events with “experts” and witnesses vetted by the corporatocracy. This forces us to be careful in what see and read on such sources. This impotant item appears to pass the smell test, but keep your eyes open.

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