Combat Footage: Houthis Storm Key Hilltop In Jizan (Saudi Arabia)

21 September 2019 — South Front

On September 20, the Houthis stormed and captured the key al-Suytat hilltop in the southern part of the Saudi province of Jizan.

The Yemeni group’s media wing released a video of the operation, showing Houthi fighters attacking the hilltop, which is located east of mount Jahfan. The attack forced Saudi-backed fighters to abandon their positions and withdraw.

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Iran News Link 21 September 2019

21 September 2019 — The New Dark Age

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We blame Iran, because Iranian arms were used! Saudis double down on claim as origin of oil-plant attack remains unclear

Iraqi Intelligence Uncovers Iranian Drone Wreckage Hidden By ISIS (Photos)

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Europe: The cracks are beginning to show Is the EU experiment coming to an end? Europe considers its options By Frank Lee

21 September 2019 — Off Guardian

The NATO build-up

2014: The expansion of NATO in the late 20th and early 21st centuries had posed a serious strategic threat to Russia’s security. In 1999 the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland joined NATO. In 2004 they were followed by the Baltics, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovakia and Slovenia; Albania and Croatia joined in 2009.

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Corbyn tries to unite Labour Party to solve Brexit crisis for ruling class By Thomas Scripps

21 September 2019 — WSWS

The Labour Party conference beginning Saturday will be dominated by the conflict over the party’s Brexit policy.

At least 81 motions have been submitted by local branches calling on the party to pledge itself to campaign for the UK’s continued membership of the European Union (EU). Deputy Labour leader Tom Watson and Shadow Brexit Secretary Keir Starmer have repeatedly declared in the last weeks that “Labour is the party of remain” and demanded the leadership “unambiguously and unequivocally” come out in favour. They were recently joined by over a hundred local Labour councillors in an open letter to the party’s National Executive Committee.

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