Trust and Disclosure: Are Civil Rights Being Sacrificed on the Altar of Brexit?

14 September 2019 — 21st Century Wire


On Monday evening MPs voted to force the UK government to publish all of its no-deal Brexit ‘Yellowhammer‘ documents.  A majority vote of 311 to 302 was passed in favour of what is known as a “humble address” to force the government to publish all the Yellowhammer documents available to the cabinet or a cabinet committee since 23rd July, the date Boris Johnson was appointed as Prime Minister.

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State Surveillance: Blacklisting and the secret habit employers can’t seem to kick

14 September 2019 — True Publica

This article is part of a series we are publishing from the ‘State of Surveillance’ report written by BigBrotherWatch, the civil liberties organisation. Much of the mainstream media have completely ignored its findings. Regular readers of TruePublica know we have published many reports and articles over the last four years relating to state surveillance (database) as we regard it to be a crucial battleground of our civil liberty. Today, it is a very serious worry that our entire mechanism of democracy is being undermined by excessive and uncontrolled state surveillance. This disproportionate obsession by the government and its agencies inhibits the fundamental ability of democratic rights to be exercised and amply demonstrates the thin ground Britain’s democracy stands on.

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British judge jails Assange indefinitely, despite end of prison sentence By Oscar Grenfell

14 September 2019 — WSWS

In a hearing at Westminster Magistrates’ Court yesterday morning, British District Judge Vanessa Baraitser ruled that WikiLeaks’ founder Julian Assange will remain in prison, despite the fact that his custodial sentence for “absconding” bail expires on September 22.

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