Netherlands Indirectly Admitted Own Complicity In MH17 Tragedy

8 September 2019 — South Front

The 35 for 35 prisoner swap between Ukraine and Russia once again revealed the double-faced stance of the so-called ‘Civilized World’ towards the MH17 tragedy in eastern Ukraine.

Ahead of the prisoner swap, the Netherlands urged Ukraine to not hand over Vladimir Tsemakh to Russia. Tsemah, a citizen of Ukraine (as well as many others people handed to Russia) and a former member of an air defense unit of self-defense forces of the Donetsk People’s Republic.

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5G was tested in Russia on humans & animals with disturbing results: what you are not being told – Dr Barrie Trower & Mark Steele discuss

12 August 2019 — Rangitikei Environmental Health Watch

[Update 7 October 2019: According to Russian scientist, Oleg Grigoriev, DrSc., PhD. (radiobiology & hygiene of non-ionazing radiation); Chairman, Russian National Committee on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (RusCNIRP), via Twitter was asked to react on this report.

He wrote: “This reference about 5G tests in USSR is absolutely fake. Fantasy.” His Twitter account:

Now I have no idea whether this is true anymore than whether the original is true. Obviously, more research is needed, especially in the light of the fact that 5G is to be implemented in Russia by Huawei according to a TASS report. But this doesn’t mean that 5G isn’t dangerous, but given as how 5G has NEVER been tested on humans, what are we to believe? WB]

“The USSR experimented on humans and animals with 5G in 1977, 1972 and 1997.  A proper military experiment. The humans suffered metabolic problems, ie everything started to fall apart, blood problems, immune system dysfunction, severe medical and neurological problems. With animals, since they were able to dissect them, they found the bone marrow was suffering (which produces the immune system), respiration damaged, enzyme activity damaged, nuclear dna damaged, and the total exposure time was only 15 hours over 60 days. Roughly 15 minutes a day and the levels were not high. Not as high as you are going to get in a classroom.” …. Dr Barrie Trower

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