Venezuela News Links 10-11 December 2019

11 December 2019 — The New Dark Age

There may be some duplication due to cross-posting and may be updated throughout the day, so please check back

Anti-Chavismo in “Civil War” Mode: Outlook for 2020

I Never Saw a World So Fragmented!

‘Sexy Tricks’: How Journalists Demonize Venezuela’s Socialist Government, in Their Own Words

After the International Communication Congress: Integrating Communication to Defeat Disintegration

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised, Part 5.418?: Another Unseen Venezuela Comes to Light

Venezuela’s Civilian Militia Surpasses Target, Reaches 3.3 Million Members

Trump’s Monroe Doctrine 2.0

The Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO): Plans for 2020

Quarantine (VI): On the Socialist Art of Governance

UPS Joins Media Chorus In Thanking Police For Murder of Frank Ordonez

Chris Hedges: Empire Striking Back In Latin America

Newsweek Journo Quits After Editors Kill Report On Syria Chemical Attack Scandal

Colombia: TIAR Ministers To Plan New Actions Against Venezuela

Red Cross Chief: Venezuela Aid Being Politicized To ‘Destabilize The Country’

International Communication Congress for the People in Caracas Venezuela

Zombie NATO Is Obsolete; Militarists Try To Revive It Through Expanded Targets

Fascists, With Help from the US, Are Trying to Take Control of Latin America

Fascists, with Help from the US, Are Trying to Take Control of Latin America

US Government Drops Prosecution Of Max Blumenthal After Jailing Journalist On False Charges

Final Declaration of the International Communications Congress

Today’s Links 7 December 2019

Fascists, With Help From The US, Are Trying To Take Control Of Latin America

Russian diplomat meets with head of World Food Program

US Sanctions and Gender Violence in Venezuela: A Conversation with Maria Hernandez Royett

President Maduro: Economy and Dollarization

Bolivia’s New Right-Wing Gov’t Targets Foreigners With “Anti-Terror” Death Squads

The Faux Generosity of the Super-Wealthy: Why Bill Gates is a Menace to Society

Study Reveals How UK Intelligence Works with Media to Smear Jeremy Corbyn

Finally a Foreign War Close to Home

Trump’s “Economic Terrorism” Directed against Venezuela and Bolivia

Hong Kong:  Pure Western Insanity

Pompeo vows intervention against “riots” in Washington’s “own backyard”

Insurance Companies Are Spending Millions on Attack Ads Against Medicare for All

Indigenous Leader Davi Kopenawa: Bolsonaro Is Killing My People and the Amazon

The Conspiracy to Stop Corbyn: Reopening Auschwitz

Is Trump’s New Drug Cartel Terrorism Designation Masking a More Sinister Agenda?

Another U.S. Regime Change Operation Is Taking Place In Mexico

Harvesting the Blood of America’s Poor: The Latest Stage of Capitalism

Complicity With Imperialism Is Holding Back the Anti-Trump Resistance

United States Takes Drastic Measures As It Loses Control Of Latin America

Hong Kong — Pure Western Insanity

Amid a Violent Crackdown, Bolivia’s Coup Gov’t is Trying to Convict Evo Morales of “Crimes Against Humanity”

How a Mass Bot Network is Pushing the Coup in Bolivia

US Vows To ‘Reinforce’ Sanctions, Accuses Venezuela And Cuba Of Stirring Regional ‘Strife’

Venezuela Military On High Alert For Colombian Military Attack

Not In The Name Of Chavez

Operation Condor 2.0: After Bolivia Coup, Trump Dubs Nicaragua ‘National Security Threat’ and Targets Mexico

A Sea Change for Canada Foreign Policy as Freeland Is Replaced by a Pro-Chinese Politico

Québec Solidaire Congress: A Few Skirmishes, But Shift Right?

Is Hardcore Chavismo Willing to Negotiate a Solution to the Crisis?

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