US Professor: ‘There’s no scientific proof social distancing prevents spread of COVID-19’

4 June 2020 — 

Since the beginning of the COVID crisis, government officials and mainstream media pundits have hung their entire ‘lockdown’ logic on the newly dubbed practice of “social distancing,” but how do we know such extreme measures are actually working?

One academic who has dared to challenge the ‘crisis’ narrative orthodoxy is University of Southern California Professor Joel Hay who believes that despite widely-held assumptions by government and media, there is “no scientific proof” that social distancing actually works in supposedly stopping the spread of respiratory diseases like Coronavirus.

Hay also explains how a certain at-risk demographic people with pre-existing conditions, ie. the elderly and infirmed – should be the real focus of government ’emergency’ isolation measures, and not the general population.

Watch this brief discussion from a live news broadcast by KUSI in San Diego, California:

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