Taking a break (not)

22 June 2020 — The New Dark Age

I need to take a break from this, I am totally burned out. I’ve been running this blog for far too many years. This version started in 2003 but earlier versions first started in 1983 and ran until 1992.

This is not to say that I won’t add specific stories if and when they come along but my usual fair of 10-12 stories a day is on hold for awhile, the stress of life is just getting too much for me. On top of this, I’ve got ongoing health issues which this damn virus has made more difficult to deal with (eg NHS meltdown, leading to my doctor’s surgery being closed, leading to shortage of medications, leading to increased stress, leading to my elevated blood pressure!) Not good.


2 thoughts on “Taking a break (not)

  1. barovsky says:

    Hey Jerry,
    Yeah but as you say, easier said than done. Habits of a lifetime. But yes, I really do have to chill out for awhile, but I’m trying. Thanks for caring



  2. Jerry Alatalo says:

    Meditation and silence, particularly in a natural setting, has been shown to be very beneficial. That is – if one refrains from overdoing it.. Haha .. Take it easy, friend. Best wishes. Peace.


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