ColdType October 2020 (Issue 214) is now online

30 September 2020 — ColdType

You can read this issue at or at


  • ONLINE EDUCATION? NO, THANKS! – Joe Allen details, in this month’s cover story, how high-tech corporations are taking advantage of our Covid fears and cashing in on online learning, even though it hardly produces the results it promises.
  • Other top items include Nakiya Wakes’s story of the impact on her family – including four lost babies – of the water disaster at Flint, Michigan, Norman Solomon explains why we shouldn’t get too excited about revelations about Donald Trump’s tax returns, and Percy Zvomuya recounts the astonishing story of the aftermath of the assassination of an African leader.
  • We’ve also got Trevor Hoyle on the bombing that slaughtered 22 people at a Manchester pop concert, C.J. Hopkins on the War on Populism, Conn Hallinan on the pandemic disaster that’s hitting Middle East oil producers, and Linh Dinh on Belgarde’s architecture of cruelty.
  • Our photo feature is a six-page special on a superb set of books that confirm Mary Ellen Mark’s position as one of finest documentary photojournalists of the past 60 years. Plus George Monbiot, Andrew Fischer, Tom Engelhardt, Sam Pizzigati, a short story by Tom Callaghan, a cartoon by Mark Hurwitt, and a 30th anniversary tribute to Goodfellas, by Adrian Danks.


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