Julian Assange News Links 11 September 2020

11 September 2020 — The New Dark Age

US prosecutors disrupt Spanish probe into alleged CIA-linked firm which spied on Assange

Assange’s Fourth Day At The Old Bailey: COVID In The Courtroom

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Against the ‘rule of 6’

11 September 2020 — The Manifesto Club

Against the ‘rule of 6′ – or 8, or 10…

“Time after time, statutory instruments have been issued specifying the exact combinations in which people may meet. These aren’t voted for in parliament and the law hasn’t even been published yet. It is futile to debate whether group size should be 8, or whether children should not be counted. Instead, we need an end to these dodgy decrees specifying the exact contours of social life.” Read on…

Covid Marshals – The latest yellow-jacketed busybody

“There are thousands of yellow-jacketed busybodies absolutely primed for this role. Over the past 10-20 years, we have seen the rise of the officious warden, whose job is to interfere in whatever people are doing, and to break up groups. Meddling in social life has always been the subtext of these officials’ job description. Now, with Covid social distancing, it can become their actual job. And we really, really do not want them to be given actual fining powers.” Read on…

After 10k fine for protesting, is the right of association dead?

“In effect, the police are now in the position where they can issue a hefty fine to any gathering they want. Meanwhile, local government and the health minister have powers to ban or give instructions to any demonstration. While this is the case, we in effect have no right of free speech or free association.” Read on…

Josie Appleton
director, Manifesto Club

The Covid Crisis: A Brief History of the Pandemics of the 21st Century (2000-2020)

10 September, 2020 — Global Research

What brought us here? What is the origin of this road?

In times of great confusion and anxiety, when it feels like everything is going down the drain, like everyone is stumbling down a steep road, driven by a supposedly unstoppable disaster, it might be helpful to take a moment and a deep breath, to step aside and turn around. One might ask: What brought us here? What is the origin of this road? From where did we follow it? Who was sending us in this direction? Have we been here before? And, maybe even more important: Where will it lead us?