Afghanistan News Links 17-18 September 2021

18 September 2021 — The New Dark Age

There may be some duplication due to cross-posting and may be updated throughout the day, so please check back

Taliban Uncovered Dozens Of Anti-Tank, Anti-Aircraft Missiles In Panjshir Valley (Videos, Photos)

The rise of Taliban and Taliban-ism

UN Considers Lifting Some Sanctions, Removing Taliban From Terrorist List

US Drones Still Fly Over the Afghan Horizon

Panjshir needs help

The Winner in Afghanistan: China

“Do Not Touch My Clothes”: Afghan Women Post Selfies in Colorful Dresses to Protest Taliban Dress Codes

9/11 and Afghanistan Post-Mortems: Lessons in Safe Logic

Afghanistan News Links 15-16 September 2021

Aukus Pact: An Alliance against China that Excludes Europe

Aukus Pact: An Alliance against China that Excludes Europe

Generation of Vipers: The Original Sin and Continuous Crimes of America’s Involvement in Afghanistan

Organising women in Afghanistan

Reflections On Events In Afghanistan (XVII)

Reflections On Events In Afghanistan (XVIII)

Sorry Cover-Up for US Mass Murder

The Afghan Aid Game Is A Gamble That No One Can Afford To Lose

The Gap between Washington and Islamabad is Widening

Why is Joe Biden Resetting his China Policy?

Trump Says America is Dying, Is He Right?

BBC ‘News’

‘There’s security but no money’: Afghans settle into life under Taliban rule

Afghan refugee: Being caught by Taliban ‘was like a scary movie’

‘A boycott of Afghanistan cricket wouldn’t help the country’s women’s players’

Afghanistan’s singers flee Taliban violence

Afghanistan: Girls excluded as Afghan secondary schools reopen

Afghanistan: Taliban morality police replace women’s ministry

Afghanistan: The escape of the whirling dancer

Afghanistan: US admits Kabul drone strike killed civilians

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