The February 2022 issue of ColdType (Issue 231) is now online

Wednesday, 26 January 2022 — ColdType 

Main stories this month – Tom Engelhardt recalls his child’s-eye view of the worst days of the Cold War and compares it to today’s obsessions with Covid and climate change; Joe Allen contrasts transhumanism with devil worship and satanism; George Monbiot tells how discarded fishing gear is killing marine life, and David Cromwell & David Edwards wonder if the BBC is worth saving. We’ve also got Dougie Wallace’s 6-page photo special on the recent COP26 gathering in Glasgow, Scotland, Karen J. Greenberg on America’s prison from hell, and much, much more great reading.

This month’s Insights section includes articles on fishing, boozing, the pandemic’s beneficiaries, Julian Assange’s 1,000 days in prison, the dangers of the US empire, the war on free speech – and a new cartoon from Mark Hurwitt.

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