Ukraine News Links 29-30 January 2022

Sunday, 30 January 2022 • 23:00 — The New Dark Age

Desperation Sets In.

Who Are We Arming and Supporting in Ukraine?

Ukraine and Russian escalation dominance: A Fiction

British Government Laundered Fake U.S. ‘Intelligence’ On Ukraine

Ukraine: Oval Office Invasion Yarn Runs Out of Fuel

War beckons in Ukraine

Video: From Cold War to 9/11 to Ukraine: Historian Daniele Ganser Examines NATO’s History of Illegal Activities

Ukraine News Links 28-29 January 2022

The Washington Post Publishes a Commentary Full of Lies Against Putin

Endless War Is The Empire’s Last Dance

A War Only America And Britain Seem To Want

Media Beats War Drums With Russia While US/Saudis Kill Hundreds In Yemen

Call To Action: No War With Russia Over Ukraine

BBC ‘News’ Links

In eastern Ukraine, war-weary soldiers and civilians await Russia’s next move

Ukraine-Russia tensions: British troops ‘unlikely’ to fight – Truss

Decoding Putin’s next move on Ukraine

Ukraine: How big is Russia’s military build-up?

Ukraine: What sanctions could be imposed on Russia?

Ukraine: What is Nato and why doesn’t Russia trust it?

Kremlin media: Ukraine preparing to attack, not Russia

Ukraine: How will we know if war has started?

Ukraine: PM weighs up bigger troop offer amid Russia border crisis

Ukraine crisis: What’s at stake for the UK?

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