A Ukrainian Neo-Nazi Atrocity!

Monday, 28 March 2022 — Telegram

Update: The perpetrator has been identified. He is Ruslan Mironyuk, a resident and native of the Vinnytsia Region, Ukraine. The incident reportedly took place in Kharkiv. The victim was another Russian prisoner of war, Pyotr ******, who had previously been tortured by the Ukrainian armed forces.

The video itself was filmed and distributed by the Nazis as an alleged example of how they deal with those who support Russia. The POW was disguised in civilian clothes before his execution. Ukrainian Nazis have surpassed ISIS in their atrocities. ISIS members, when carrying out executions on camera, usually drugged their victims.

See: https://southfront.org/in-video-21-ukrainian-nazis-torture-prisoners-of-war/

Yuyu, [28/03/2022 14:32]
[Forwarded from 🇷🇺 Майор и Генерал 🌍]


Yuyu, [28/03/2022 14:32]
[Forwarded from 🇷🇺 Major and General 🌍]


Появилось новое страшное видео, фиксирующее очередные чудовищные преступления украинских неонацистов – человека, причем в гражданской одежде, в режиме онлайн убивают в стиле ИГИЛ – медленно, методично, с наслаждением – используя нож.

A new gruesome video has emerged, capturing yet another heinous crime by Ukrainian neo-Nazis – a man, and in civilian clothes, is being killed online ISIS-style – slowly, methodically, with pleasure – using a knife.

Эксперты по видеоконтенту однозначно убеждены, что видео – подлинное. Это не древний фейк с “распятым на кресте ополченцем” и не сомнительный “ночной расстрел гражданских на выезде из Мариуполя”. Террорист не скрывает своего лица, и однозначно принадлежит к “защитникам Украины”.

Video content experts are unequivocally convinced that the video is genuine. It is not an ancient fake with a “militiaman crucified on a cross” or a dubious “nighttime shooting of civilians at the exit from Mariupol”. The terrorist does not hide his face and clearly belongs to the “defenders of Ukraine”.

Во избежание блокировки мы не заливаем видео себе, а даем на него ссылку (без превью). Детям, подросткам и людям со слабой психикой смотреть такое категорически не рекомендуется. Однако мир обязательно должен это увидеть!

To avoid being blocked, we are not uploading the video to ourselves, but linking to it (without previews). Children, teenagers and people with weak psyche are strictly not recommended to watch this. But the world has got to see this!

⚠️ Видео по ссылке: https://t.me/Russkyship/18

⚠️ Video link: https://t.me/Russkyship/18

Просьба распространять, человеческая цивилизация должна знать об этих чудовищных злодеяниях!

Please spread the word, human civilisation needs to know about these monstrous atrocities!

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