Avozstal – Final Redoubt of Ukraine’s Fascists?

Monday, 11 April 2022 — VK Press

By Eva K Bartlett

As you know, a powerful center of resistance in Mariupol remained precisely in the industrial zone, namely at the large Azovstal plant.

According to the first deputy of the DPR, Eduard Basurin, more than three thousand nationalists and the military of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are hiding there. Also, according to some reports, there are high-ranking NATO military and scientists who were involved in the work of biological laboratories in Ukraine.

AvozstalAzovstal Steel Plant

The complexity of the assault on Azovstal is that the enterprise has many catacombs and dungeons that shelter Ukrainian Nazis from shelling and bombing. This is a real city within a city: down another six or eight floors.

Eduard Basurin notes that it is impossible to bomb from above, it is necessary to do a sweep underground. The main thing is to find passages and exits to these dungeons, and then wait until they themselves begin to give up.

Therefore, it is inappropriate to talk about the timing when Azovstal will be cleaned up.

Many people ask the question: why is the enterprise not bombed? Experts cite several reasons.

First. There is no point in destroying the infrastructure from above if the whole “heart” is inside, or rather underground. In addition, there are residential buildings nearby, and the ammunition from the aircraft is free-falling. There are high-precision weapons, but once again – the meaning of this is minimal.

Second. If the nationalists are bombed and buried underground, then no one will know about the terrible atrocities of the nationalists on the territory of Donbass. Apparently, there are also biological laboratories in the underground bunkers of the plant, which were carefully concealed. In other words, evidence is needed.

What are the options to smoke the Nazis from the factory? As military correspondents who communicated with our military say: there are ways.

The sea is nearby, there is enough water. Flooding, it’s more or less humane. Not immediately, give the opportunity to swim. The rest of the methods do not even want to describe, they are hot and smoky. At this point, let the military chemists decide the issue. Only God save us from basement assaults, – war correspondent Sladkov, who is on the front line, shares his opinion.

Earlier they wrote: The assault on Azovstal is supported by tanks and aircraft: female snipers are still working in Mariupol itself. Now our units have entered the territory of Azovstal, they are supported by tanks and aircraft. According to the first deputy of the DPR, Eduard Basurin, there are still about three thousand militants on the territory of the industrial zone of Mariupol.

Recall that almost all of Mariupol was liberated by the Russian army and allied forces. The industrial zone remains occupied by nationalists. And these are the two most important facilities: the Azovstal plant and the port. The cleanup of the industrial area is proceeding according to plan, and part of the plant has already been recaptured, the Nazis have been driven underground.

Alexander Bastrykin in Donetsk: more than 600 mercenaries fighting on the side of Ukraine were identified. Chairman of the Investigative Committee Alexander Bastrykin arrived in Donetsk. He held an operational meeting, at which he stated that Ukrainian security forces had been identified who had committed crimes against the civilian population of Donbass.”

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