Armageddon or Renaissance?

Wednesday, 20 April 2022 — The New Dark Age


The following essay by documentary photographer Giorgio Bianchi, based in Donbas since 2014, sent chills up my spine but I do believe it represents the real state of affairs that exist between the US and Russia. On the one hand, the Empire of Lies, consisting of the lead liar the United States, literally followed by the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Holland, Belgium, Canada, Australia and Japan, the ‘honorary’ white nation (as defined by the former Apartheid state, South Africa). These are the core Imperialist states and not surprisingly, all are former colonial powers and/or settler states. It should not surprise us then, that their, alleged, racial superiority is a central theme that all of these countries use to justify their imperial actions of which Ukraine is the latest manifestation. As you will see as you read the essay that this ‘showdown’ if you will, between the US and Russia that’s being fought out in Ukraine, due to the greed and stupidity of its leaders, is the first overt test of the Empire of Lies between its hegemonic control of people and resources, and most of the rest of the planet, who are choosing a different routes. William Bowles]

Armageddon or Renaissance?

By Giorgio Bianchi

Today I spoke to a very qualified source who literally left me frozen in the chair.

You have to seriously consider what I am about to write.

The point from which we must start before tackling any reasoning about the conflict in Ukraine is that in this war, on the Russian side, defeat is absolutely not contemplated.

This means that the surrender of Kiev can only be painful, very painful, catastrophic, or, ultimately, an epochal defeat.

The special operation was the last call for a solution within the first two options.

Given the degree of unreasonableness of the Ukrainian and European puppets, given the level reached by propaganda and sanctions, given the blood price paid by Russia this month, at this point, from the Russian point of view, it no longer makes sense to fight. with his hands tied behind his back.

The real risk at this moment is therefore that a firestorm will strike on that tormented land, like never before in history. Something so terrible that it is a warning to everyone.

A way to understand a concept that apparently has escaped most: Russia has moved all-in and raised the stakes to a colossal level.

The highest conceivable.

In this moment, NATO and Moscow are the two cars whizzing towards the ravine in the “chicken run” of Burnt Youth.

Putin has made it clear that they will not press the brake first. And if you know a little about the history of that country, you have to believe it.

The other car, the one driven by NATO, seems willing to lead Russia one step away from that chasm to see if there is really the intention to go all the way.

Europe and Ukraine, understood as populations, are sitting on the rear sofa of this car and watch the race astonished, unable to jump out due to the locked doors.

The only chance for them to save is therefore to subdue the insane driver, take control of the vehicle and firmly pull the brake first.

The alternative is, at best, the destruction of Ukraine.

At worst, the destruction of Europe.

Tertium non datur.

One thought on “Armageddon or Renaissance?

  1. anaisanesse says:

    This is an existential issue for Russia, but just a matter of greed and domination by NATO, which is obsolete and dangerous and needs to be scrapped. Peace is possible, but NOT with NATO/USA and its takeover of the world.


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