Black Agenda Report 1 June 2022

Wednesday, 1 June 2022 — Black Agenda Report

Mass Shootings, Empire, and Racist, Copaganda Dog Whistles
Margaret Kimberley
The anger and grief after mass shootings are followed by lies and pretense that violence here is somehow mysterious. Political leaders advocate state violence all the time, calling for new victims to be created here and around the world.

DOCUMENT: Resolutions Passed by the Fourth Pan-African Congress, New York City, 1927
Editors, The Black Agenda Review
The Fourth Pan-African Congress held in New York in 1927 was the first held in the Americas, and the first organized by women.

Notes from Wartorn Ethiopia, Part 5
Ann Garrison
Ann Garrison ends her reporting from the Horn of Africa with updates on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam and the conflict between Ethiopia and the TPLF.

Witnessing and Making History: On Observing the 2022 Presidential Elections in Colombia
Dr. Jemima Pierre
The author served as an election observer in Colombia with an international delegation of mostly Black women and presents this preliminary report.

Reading, writing, ‘rithmetic of rifles (for Uvalde and other schools…)
Danny Haiphong
The IPEF is another futile U.S. effort to diminish China’s economic prowess. But IPEF also demonstrates systemic failure and a crisis of legitimacy.

Reading, writing, ‘rithmetic of rifles (for Uvalde and other schools…)
Raymond Nat Turner
The latest from BAR’s poet in residence.

“The connections between policing and militaristic assault on the world are endless”: An Interview with Julian Akil Rose
Roberto Sirvent
BAR Book Forum editor Roberto Sirvent and Julian Akil Rose discuss community organizing, Black Queer Feminism, the struggle for police and prison abolition, and an end to militarism.

Gustavo Petro Wins in Colombia, 2nd Round Battle Begins
Orinoco Tribune
The Historic Pact candidates Gustavo Petro and Francia Marquez won the first round of the Colombian presidential election but now face conservative candidates in a June 19 runoff.

911 Is a Joke: Preferring to Shoot Unarmed Blacks, Cops Find It Ain’t No Fun When the Rabbit Has the Gun
Jon Jeter
Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) began after an LAPD raid on the Black Panthers in 1969 and spread throughout the country. Then as now they neither protect nor serve, as was the case in Uvalde, Texas when a gunman killed children while police stood by.

The Rise of NATO in Africa
Vijay Prashad
NATO is not the defensive alliance of north Atlantic nations that it claims to be. It is a tool of imperialism which has spread its handiwork all over the world, including on the African continent.

The People’s Summit for Democracy Offers a Progressive Vision to Counter U.S. Dominance in the Region
Sheila Xiao and Manolo De Los Santos
The People’s Summit for Democracy will be a much needed counterweight to the U.S. dominated Summit of the Americas.

Summit of the Americas or Summit of the United States of America?
Berthony Dupont
The U.S. is using the upcoming Summit of the Americas to bully the rest of the region. The current puppet leader of Haiti must follow U.S. dictates yet is invited, while legitimate leaders of other countries are excluded.

Pan-Africanism Yes! U.S. AFRICOM and NATO No!
Abayomi Azikiwe
Pan-African solidarity and the struggle against imperialism are key in advancing the condition of African states and peoples.

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