The September 2022 issue 237 of ColdType is now online

Tuesday, 6 September 2022 — ColdType


There’s an underlying theme to this issue: the insidious rise of censorship in Western media. In our cover story, Chris Hedges warns of unforeseen consequences of Russia’s war in Ukraine, where war – even though we’re not directly involved – leads to censorship by the state and media  corporations. Caitlin Johnstone takes the issue further with her report on how the West is being duped by ‘insane’ propaganda; and Jonathan Cook wonders why Amnesty International is apologising for telling the  truth about war crimes in Ukraine.

In other top stories, Robert Lipsyte looks at the hijacking of international golf by Saudi Arabia, Mairtin O Muilleoir takes a trip to Selma, Alabama, one of the focal points of the US civil rights protests of the ’60s, Trevor Grundy takes us inside a world of upper-class espionage and treachery, and Joe Allen looks for religion inside an Italian mountain. We’ve also got more top-flight journalism from Sam Pizzigati, George Monbiot, Sonya Osher, Jim Hightower, Roger Waters, Vijay Prashad & Manolo de los Santos in our Insights section. Plus a 6-page photo essay from Dougie Wallace.


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