Ukraine News Links 5-6 September 2022

Tuesday, 6 September 2022 — The New Dark Age

There may be some duplication due to cross-posting and may be updated throughout the day, so please check back. If it gets updated, I usually insert the time on the line above. A lot of cross-posting usually indicates that the article is popular and some links may not work, depending on your location but at least you have some idea of the scale of censorship now operating in the ‘democratic’ West.

The CIA, movement wreckers, & the threats the communist movement faces

Natural Disaster and Domestic Political Developments in Pakistan

Europe Faces ‘Winter Of Discontent’ As US Profits From Energy Crisis

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UK Crony Capitalism: Caught in a Cycle of Despair and Exploitation

Tuesday, 6 September 2022 — Craig Murray

So the UK today gets its fourth successive Tory Prime Minister, despite the fact the previous three all crashed in failure, even in their own terms.

After presiding over crippling austerity as a policy response to Gordon Brown’s massive handover of public money to the casino bankers, David Cameron’s attempt to control the lunatic right of his party by offering a Brexit referendum backfired spectacularly. Theresa May was brought down by that same right wing when she attempted to devise a Brexit deal which allowed for a sensible trading relationship with the European Union. Johnson realised that governing from the far right was the only way to handle the Conservative Party, but the lies and corruption of his government led to him being quite exploded, like Bunbury.

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