Ukraine News Links 8-9 November 2022

Wednesday, 9 November 2022 — The New Dark Age

The Ukrainian conflict and the nuclear threat

US ambassadors lead in abuse of power

Jared Cohen Is One Of The U.S. Deep State’s Most Powerful Agents

Woke imperialism: the tactic liberals are using to try to delay revolution in the imperial center

“Nothing Works”: Europe Must Stop Blaming Others for Its Own Crises

Ukraine Open Thread 2022-195

How Europe Is Destroying Its Own ‘Garden

Video: Russian Forces on Defensive but Continue Storming Ukrainian Strongholds in Donbass

Ukraine Would be “Just a Warmup” for Washington – US Strategic Command Head

Lavrov & Jaishankar: Presser

Ukraine, Neocons, Lib Interventionists, and Blank Check Republicans

Biden Administration Privately Asks US Banks to Keep Working with Russia – Report

WATCH: Meet Smedley Butler

Arab League Priorities Clash With the Israeli Election Outcome

Ukraine News Links 6-8 November 2022

Grain Wars: Black Sea Attack Exposes Zelensky’s Media Stunts for What They Are

Massive Anti-Russian ‘Bot Army’ Exposed by Australian Researchers 

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