Refurbishment Is the Dirty Word We Should Be Using, Just Look at the Achilles Street Estate

22 October 2019 — Novara Media

Anita Strasser

by Andy Worthington 

Imagine living on a council estate and being given a ballot on the proposed destruction of your home as part of a ‘regeneration’ plan. Imagine that the council makes all kinds of lavish promises regarding your future housing and security, but then refuses to back up these promises with anything resembling a legally-binding contract. This is what’s happening at Achilles Street.

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Video: A Moving Image: A Film About Gentrification

3 June 2016 —

A Multimedia Feature Film about Gentrification in Brixton, South London and beyond.
World Premiere at The LA Film Festival 2016 (World Fiction competition) 5th June 2pm
Written/Directed by Shola Amoo and Produced by Rienkje Attoh.
Starring Tanya Fear

See also: Gentrification and complicity in South London: an interview with Shola Amoo

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A Compulsory Purchase for London By Helen Kearney

28 March 2014 — New Left Project

The demolition of the Heygate Estate in South London is gathering pace now. After years of plans and ‘decanting’ of residents, the vast estate – condemned for so long – is finally coming down. The area of Elephant and Castle is being regenerated, and in a glossy post-regeneration landscape there is no room for a concrete megastructure like the Heygate. In order to clear the buildings of residents, the local authority, Southwark, used a legal tool called a Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO). The CPO is a power granted by the government to allow a local authority to purchase land or property without the consent of the landowner or tenant.

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The Gentification of the Left By Mike Wayne, Deidre O’Neill

19 August 2013 — New Left Project

The post-colonial philosopher Gayatri Spivak once famously asked: ‘Can the subaltern speak?’ Colonialism though is not just about race, it is also about that great unmentionable, class. And class colonization is one of the most central features of British social and political life. Continue reading