Massacre of Christians in Syrian Kasab – the hypocrisy of US and Turkey By Viktor Titov

2 April 2014 — New Eastern Outlook

While the whole world was busy with the Ukrainian issue, Turkey and Saudi Arabia, instigated by Washington, decided to take advantage of the situation and expand their intervention in Syria, where government forces were successfully winning back positions from the rebels. The greatest wickedness was the massacre of the Armenian population in the town of Kasab near the border with Turkey, where units of the radical extremist Islamist group Dzhabgat en-Nusra, financially and politically supported by Riyadh, invaded on March 27, with participation of Turkish officers.

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Historic Day: “Al-Qaida’s flag now flies on the Mediterranean Sea” with NATO member help By Brad Hoff

29 March 2014 — Levant Report

Dr. Joshua Landis, internationally recognized Syria expert and founder of Syria Comment, linked to the above photo on his Twitter account today (3/29). Landis commented: “Al-Qaida’s flag now flies on the Mediterranean Sea” -presumably in acknowledgement of the historic precedent this sets.

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NATO Wages Desperate Last Battle in Northern Syria By Tony Cartalucci

29 March 2014 — New Eastern Outlook

353163The small northwestern Syrian town of Kassab, located directly on the Syrian-Turkish border, has turned into a pivotal battleground between Syrian security forces and armed militants backed by the Turkish military. The clashes grabbed headlines last Sunday when Turkey shot down a Syrian warplane conducting airstrikes along the border as the militants crossed over into Syrian territory.

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