Is the Media Public Enemy #1? By William Bowles

22 March 2003

The press of course have always been a critical component of maintaining state power and through it, the preservation of the capitalist system, so what is different about the situation now?

“[The number of media corporations has shrunk] from fifty…in 1984 to twenty-six in 1987, followed by twenty-three in l990, and then, as the borders between the different media began to blur, to less than twenty in 1993. In 1996 the number of media corporations with dominant power in society is closer to ten…. [T]he newest dominant ten are Time Warner, Disney, Viacom, News Corporation Limited (Murdoch), Sony, Tele-Communications, Inc., Seagram (TV, movies, cable, books, music), Westinghouse, Gannett, and General Electric.”
“The Media Monopoly” 5th edition (1997) by Ben Bagdikian

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