Rupert Murdoch seizing control

11 February 2021 — True Publica

Rupert Murdoch seizing control

By TruePublica: It appears that the News Corp executive chairman Rupert Murdoch and his top executives in the UK and US met Prime Minister Boris Johnson and other high-level Government politicians seven times between them in seven weeks last summer. Worse, it has since emerged that News Corp editors and execs from the UK and America met ministers 40 times in the first 14 months of the Johnson government indicating a high level of foreign interference into the affairs of British politics.

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Pie in the Sky?

16 March 2017 — 38 Degrees

This is huge. You – along with thousands of other people – have helped throw a major spanner into Rupert Murdoch’s plans to take full control of Sky. Karen Bradley, the Culture Secretary, just announced an investigation into the takeover. [1]

This means that instead of getting waved through, Murdoch’s plan faces a fresh obstacle. Ofcom, the media watchdog, now has to look into Murdoch’s dodgy media empire. Spoiler alert: Rupert Murdoch probably won’t like what they say. [2]

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Rupert ‘Dirty Digger’ Murdoch Newslinks 22-23 July 2011

23 July 2011 —

Hacking In Brief: 23/07/2011
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News Corp executive ‘leaked Cable story’
Ian Burrell
Kroll, the global corporate investigations company, has named a top News Corp executive as the strong suspect in ‘orchestrating’ the leak of a tape which led to the downfall of Business Secretary Vince Cable, who claimed he had ‘declared war’ on Rupert Murdoch.

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The invasion of Australia – official at last By John Pilger

1 July 2011 — John Pilger

The City of Sydney has voted to replace the words ‘European arrival’ in the official record with ‘invasion’. The deputy lord mayor, Marcelle Hoff, says it is intellectually dishonest to use any other word in describing how Aboriginal Australia was dispossessed by the British. ‘We were invaded,’ said Paul Morris, an Aboriginal adviser to the council. ‘It is the truth and it shouldn’t be watered down. We wouldn’t expect Jewish people to accept a watered-down version of the Holocaust, so why should we?’

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Sky Decision Imminent

3 May 2011 — Return of the Public

Jeremy Hunt is expected to announce this week whether News International is free to buy the rest of BSkyB.

If he permits the takeover of the company he will join the long line of British politicians who have decided that giving Rupert Murdoch what he wants is somehow in the public interest.

The rest of us should ask ourselves this:

Has Murdoch has built his empire in this country in spite of the criminal surveillance of MPs by his journalists, or because of it?

Stop Murdoch — Round Two

10 March 2011

Dear friends across the UK,

Murdoch’s friends in government have given him approval to buy out our media. Avaaz is launching an all out campaign to stop the Murdoch deal during the 10 day consultation period, with a national opinion poll, hard hitting ads and legal challenges. Small donations from 5,000 of us will make it happen:

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What the Sky Decision Tells Us About Media Reform By Dan Hind

7 March 2011 — Return of the Public

To form itself the public has to break existing political forms. — John Dewey

The culture secretary Jeremy Hunt last week decided to allow News Corporation’s takeover of BSkyB. Once Murdoch agreed not seek outright ownership of Sky News Hunt was happy for him to buy out the other shareholders. The company is now Murdoch’s for the buying.

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Israel’s Great Loyalty Oath Crusade By Charles Glass

18 October, 2010 — Takimag

Captain Black from Catch-22 is back, but this time he’s Israel’s Foreign Affairs Minister. Although Avigdor Lieberman only rose to the rank of corporal in the Israeli Defense Forces, he can stand in for Captain Black any day. His campaign to force immigrants to Israel who happen not to be Jewish to pledge full support for “Jewish and democratic” Israel is right out of Captain Black’s “Great Loyalty Oath Crusade” in Joseph Heller’s peerless 1961 novel. The Moldovan-born immigrant Lieberman’s curriculum vitae, which includes a conviction for beating up a twelve-year-old child in 2001 and police allegations of money laundering, would impress the Mafia. It certainly impressed the Israeli cabinet, which yielded to his Captain Black-like ploy of equating opposition to his amendment with denying that Israel is Jewish and democratic. Recall Black’s smear of Major Major as a communist: “You never heard him denying it until we began accusing him, did you?” Well, didya, punk?

Corporal Lieberman forced the amendment through a cabinet desperate for votes from the extreme right, but will it pass in the Knesset? As part of a government bill, it should. So a problem that did not exist will be solved.

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