Video: Arab League Calls for Arming Syrian Opposition

16 February, 2012The Real News Network

Christian Henderson: Great hypocrisy of Saudis, crushing opposition in Bahrain and and supporting it in Syria

Christian Henderson has 15 years of experience of working and living in the Middle East and North Africa. He worked as a journalist for 6 years at the Daily Star in Lebanon and Al Jazeera in Qatar. During his time as a journalist he wrote stories that appeared in the Independent, Daily Express, Scotsman and the South China Morning Post. Since 2006 he has specialised in research and political analysis in the Middle East and North Africa and has worked on projects across the region including in the UAE, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Oman and Lebanon. He has a MA in Middle East Studies from Edinburgh University and a BA from Middlesex University in Development Studies. He speaks Arabic. He is the director of the Middle East political risk consultancy Dunlin Consultants.

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