The FCC’s Order Is Out, We’ve Read It, and Here’s What You Need to Know: It Will End Net Neutrality and Break the Internet

22 November 2017 — FreePress

Matt Wood and Gaurav Laroia

On Wednesday, Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai released his draft order to completely eradicate Net Neutrality.

You can read the full text here. The short version is that Pai’s order takes the Net Neutrality rules off the books and abandons the court-approved Title II legal framework that served as the basis for the successful 2015 Open Internet Order.

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Save Net Neutrality!

29 November 2017 — OpenMedia

As I’m sure you’ve seen, it’s been all hands on deck to save Net Neutrality in the U.S. We need you to add your name now to our worldwide message to Republican Congressional leaders to stop the FCC from destroying the free and open Internet as we know it.

This won’t just impact Americans, it will disrupt the Internet for all of us who depend on it.

Act now

We only have until December 14th to save Net Neutrality. If you haven’t yet, please add your name.

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Net neutrality and the drive to censor the internet

25 November 2017 — WSWS

Wednesday’s move by the Trump administration to end net neutrality marks a milestone in the offensive by the US government and major corporations to put an end to the free and open internet, paving the way for widespread government censorship of oppositional news and analysis.

Under the current law, upheld by numerous court decisions and reaffirmed by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in 2015, companies that provide internet access to users, known as internet service providers (ISPs), cannot block or impede their users’ access to any website or service.

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