Ethnic Cleansing of “Invented” People By MIKO PELED

30 February 2012 — Dialogue Review

Note: The following article is reprinted from Issue No. 30 (February 2012) of “Dialogue: Review of Discussion Between Arab and Jewish Activists of Palestine, In Defense of the Right of Return, For a One-State Solution.” To order a copy of this latest issue of “Dialogue,” please contact The Organizer at or call 415-641-8616. You can also visit Dialogue’s website at Dialogueis published quarterly in Paris in Hebrew, Arabic, French and English.]

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Information Clearing House Newsletter 22 December 2011: Are We Living in a Fool's Paradise?

22 December 2011 — Information Clearing House

Pakistan Needs to Declare Its Independence
By Yasmeen Ali
Pakistan lies ravaged, with her economy destroyed, thanks to the country’s deep involvement in the “War on Terror.”

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Preview of CNN’s WikiLeaks Special Coming This Sunday: ‘Mission’ Implausible By Greg Mitchell

10 June 12011 — The Nation

CNN’s ballyhooed WikiWars: The Mission of Julian Assange special airing this Sunday evening is an odd amalgam, blending quick cuts, pounding music, and a casually dressed host (at left below) with an attempt at a serious overview of WikiLeaks. Yet, like the recent PBS Frontline probe, it is fatally unbalanced.

cnn-wiki.jpgThis is a list of Assange / WikiLeaks critics interviewed (and quoted more than once): David Leigh, Nick Davies, Daniel Domscheit-Berg, Adrian Lamo, Brigadier Gen. Mark T. Kimmitt (Ret.). Here is a list of Assange / WikiLeaks supporters interviewed: one unnamed and masked allegedly activist from Anonymous. Other critics who get face time: Hillary Clinton, Robert Gates, even Newt Gingrich.

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