“October Surprise”: The Nobel Peace Committee’s “Collective Insanity” By Felicity Arbuthnot

21 October, 2012 — Global Research

“When Kissinger won the Nobel Peace Prize satire died”, satirist Tom Lehrer, memorably commented.

The Former US Secretary of State was awarded his Nobel for “negotiating the Vietnam Peace Accords.” In fact he had been involved in oversight of the secret bombing of Laos and Cambodia (both neutral countries.) In nine years more than two hundred and sixty million bombs were dropped. He had also supported the murderous regimes in Chile and Argentina, where the “disappeared” are seared in to the national psyche.

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The October Surprise File December 22, 1988

5 March 2012

Update: It still makes fascinating reading all these years on; the machinations of people with immense power, able to shape events to their pleasing, and that of their class.

Compiled and Edited by William Bowles, December 22, 1988. This file is a compilation of texts that have either been uploaded to or posted on this system [New York On-Line] or Peacenet, which have been edited to remove duplication, and/or inaccuracies and irrelevancies.

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BREAKING: Report suggests Israel linked to Irangate Scandal

28 November 2011 — Global ResearchYnet News

[Ed’s note: these are not new allegations, see ‘October Surprise‘, a chronology of events compiled by me that documents the fact that Israel acted as the ‘go-between’ for the US, selling US-supplied weapons to Israel that Israel then sold to Iran. WB]

Comment by Michael Carmichael
New documents just released via declassification reveal Israel’s role in the Iran-Contra Affair that rocked the Reagan administration in the 1980s.

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This is what empires do By William Bowles

19 June 2011 — Strategic Culture Foundation

I’m sure that somewhere, in a university or institute, researchers have produced an analysis that measures the rise in the number of armed conflicts as a ratio of the increase in economic instability as capitalism goes into one of its periodic meltdowns. Meltdowns that almost invariably end in large-scale war/s as a means of consuming surplus capital, taking out competitors, getting rid of surplus labour, grabbing new markets, extending the sphere of empire… yada, yada, yada…

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October Surprise Cover-up Unravels By Robert Parry

6 August, 2010 — Consortiumnews.com

Not to belabor a point, but some die-hard defenders of the October Surprise cover-up continue to insist that there is real evidence debunking the now overwhelming case that Ronald Reagan’s 1980 campaign interfered with President Jimmy Carter’s negotiations to free 52 American hostages then held in Iran.

One defender claimed in a recent blog post: ‘calendars, eyewitness accounts, telephone logs and credit card receipts showed that [Reagan’s campaign chief William Casey] was in the United States and London at the time of the alleged meetings’ in Madrid and Paris.

But that simply isn’t true. What is true is that a series of fabricated alibis for Casey and others have come apart at the seams, starting with the initial alibi that was concocted for Casey by The New Republic and Newsweek.

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Devious Dealings and Dire Threats – Iran, the EU and the Petro-dollar – Anglo-US brinkmanship By William Bowles

7 February 2006

Introduction: I first published the essay reproduced below (Iran: First it was ‘October Surprise’ – now it’s No Surprise) back in June, 2003 and dug it up whilst doing research on this essay on the latest saga involving the most devious ruling classes of modern times, the US and the UK and I think it deserves a re-issue. It requires no modification and I think it exposes the kind of thinking behind the current situation and the fact that nothing has changed except the modus operandi.

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Iran: First it was ‘October Surprise’ – now it’s No Surprise By William Bowles

20 June 2003

History is a great teacher but often, you’ve got to dig deep to find out what’s really going on and as the US propaganda machine gets into gear for ‘regime change’ in Iran, it’s already obvious that unlike the Iraqi invasion, the technique of the Big Lie is not working the way the White House would like it to. The coming Iran ‘adventure’, as with earlier essays I’ve penned, was triggered by names that I’ve had the dubyaous pleasure of typing before, most notably Michael Ledeen, doyen of the ultra-right, whose role on Iran-Contra and the October Surprise of the late 70s and eighties, was he hoped, lost in the mist of time, especially to our current, historically-challenged populace. As with DNA testing, it’s now possible to exhume events long thought dead, with the hope that this time round, we can get a conviction.

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