Media Lens: UN ‘Travesty’: Resolutions Of Mass Destruction – Part 2

16 February, 2012 — Media Lens – Read Part One Here

On February 6, a cry of moral outrage arose from that collection of selfless humanitarians otherwise known as The Times newspaper. Responding to fighting in the Syrian city of Homs, which has included government shelling of civilian areas variously reported to have claimed scores or hundreds of lives, a Times leading article observed: Continue reading

BBC Newsspeak – ‘Credible sources’ By William Bowles

29 November 2005

By now it must surely be obvious to pretty well everyone that the BBC’s messing with reality is rife, the twists and turns are tortuous and on-going as anyone following the British State’s Broadcasting Company’s coverage of White Phosphorus will know. The Cat’s Dream Website pretty well blew it apart, so much so that the BBC finally gave up any pretence of trying to defend its position (see the latest MediaLens piece).

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Media Lens: Doubt Cast on BBC Claims Regarding Fallujah

18 April 2005 — Media Lens

The BBC has published an online Newswatch article entitled ‘Has the BBC ignored weapons claims?’ (April 14, 2005,

This is in response to a large number of emails generated by our March 30 Media Alert, ‘No Great Way to Die,’ (see under ‘Latest‘,

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