It’s time to break up capitalism’s love affair with plastic By Amy Leather

9 November 2018 — Climate & Capitalism

A valuable invention is massively misused in the service of profit, producing unprecedented waste and pollution. How can we stop the plastic plague?

Plastic is bad, isn’t it? That is certainly the new consensus. And no wonder there has been a public outcry. Many of us have been shocked by images like those on Blue Planet of a sperm whale with a stomach full of plastic waste, albatrosses feeding their young plastic or turtles trapped in plastic bags.

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Michael Gove: Plastic containers update

22 December 2017 — 38 Degrees

[Great News? As ever, we want to keep our cake and eat it! Why not campaign to STOP making containers out of plastic instead of rationalising a manufacturing process that exists only because there’s more profit in plastic! Worse still, it passes the costs of wasteful capitalism onto the public, let alone the fact that plastics are made from oil! WB.]

I’ve got some great news, that I want to tell you straight away. A group of influential MPs have just told the government that the UK needs a plastic bottle deposit return scheme.[1]

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New research shows irreversible changes in England in the Anthropocene

29 July 2017 — Climate & Capitalism

A planet transformed

Scientists find irreversible changes that have no precedent in the 4.54 billion years of Earth history, caused by new human-made materials

‘Omnipresent’ signs demonstrating the effects of human impact on England’s landscape have been revealed by researchers from the University of Leicester.

Concrete structures forming a new, human-made rock type; ash particles in the landscape; and plastic debris are just a few of the new materials irreversibly changing England’s landscape and providing evidence of the effects of the Anthropocene, the research suggests.

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