Please Sign Now! Zero tolerance for plastic

13 July 2018 — WeMove

A sperm whale was found dead on a Spanish beach. 29 kilograms of plastic in its stomach blocked its digestive system. [1] This is the fate many fish, turtles, whales, birds, dolphins, and other animals risk daily as our ocean becomes a plastic soup. [2]

Thanks to public outcry, the European Commission proposed a new law to reduce single-use plastics and stem the huge tide of plastic waste. [3] Unfortunately some EU countries are likely under pressure from the plastic industry to derail this hopeful proposal for our environment. [4]

But we still have a chance to make the Commission’s proposal a reality. That’s why it’s urgent they hear from us now before they go on holiday! Right after the summer, the proposal will be discussed by EU national governments. We need them to resist the plastic industry’s lobbying and to support the Commission’s proposal.

Our campaign last year with over 750,000 signatures and billboards across Brussels helped this proposal see the light of day. We have proven how effective we can be when we act together. We know we can make this happen together. We’ve done it once, so let’s do it again!

Sign to join the second anti-plastics tide!

Europe is the world’s second-largest producer of plastic in the world, and our vast use of plastic is still growing. [5] Each year, 8 million tonnes of plastic end up in the ocean – the equivalent of a truckload of waste every minute! [6] This waste also ends up on our plates: studies show the average European shellfish consumer is eating up to 11,000 plastic fragments in their seafood each year. [7]

The EU has a historic opportunity to fight the plastic waste choking our planet and to position itself as the leader in the global fight against plastic pollution. But together with the plastic lobby, we worry some member states will try to hold Europe back. The risk of missing out on this opportunity to clean up our act has become real.

Sign the petition

Now our community of action can make a real difference. The EU member states that have bought into the plastic lobby will only take action against the new law if they think citizens aren’t paying attention. Last year we raised our voices to demand an end to plastic pollution. Massive mobilisations happened across Europe. We flooded Brussels with billboards, and to the surprise of the plastic lobby, the First Vice-President of the European Commission, Frans Timmermans, came out in public to receive our petition.

The plastic lobby and the EU member states propping up their arguments know we are watching and taking this fight seriously. We’re so close to achieving our goal but we still need the final push to convince member states to not hold Europe back!

Thank you for your support,

David (Brussels), Fernando (Bologna), Virginia (Madrid), and the rest of the WeMove team

PS: Your government may be among those who are opposing the Commission’s proposal or trying to water it down. Make sure that they know you’re keeping an eye on them. Sign now!


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