20 November 2012 — Housmans

The following email includes some of the most popular books from our online shop in 2012, and also has details on this year’s Peace Diary. Our online shop is fully stocked, so if it’s in print you should be able to find it there.
Thank you for supporting Housmans, it means everything to us. At this time of year many people shop via Amazon, however there are many reasons not to give them your money – if you are unfamiliar with their working practices please read the following: What is wrong with using Amazon?

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London: Media and War Conference with John Pilger on Saturday 17 November 2012

14 November 2012

John PilgerPeter Oborne (Daily Telegraph), Michelle Stanistreet (NUJ General Secretary), and Seumas Milne (The Guardian) are among the many keynote speakers at the important conference this Saturday: Media and War – Challenging the Consensus.

Topics include: 

  • Serving the military or the public? Media coverage of the war on terror
  • The media and the anti-war movement: how do we change the agenda?
  • Islamophobia, terrorism and war
  • Humanitarian Intervention: reframing the war on terror

Full conference details are here: http://bit.ly/OVxrBO

Entrance is £5. Free for students with ID. If you want to attend, reserving your place by email of telephone is highly advisable, as interest is very high.  Telephone 0207 561 9311 email office@stopwar.org.uk

Media Lens: Snow, White And The Two Daves – The Guardian Responds

2 February, 2012 — Media Lens

Our most recent media alert, Silence Of The Lambs, created a small ripple in the Guardian universe. We had asked why even the paper’s most radical journalists, Seumas Milne and George Monbiot, are silent on the propaganda role of the liberal media, particularly the Guardian, in propping up power. We noted that, in this regard, they are no different from other journalists. Of course, it is obvious why any corporate employee would be reluctant to criticise his or her employer in public; but our primary intention was to shine some light on an issue that is never discussed. After all, the Guardian sells itself as a vanguard of liberal journalism, holding power to account and hosting wide-ranging debate. The reality is different.

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Media Lens: Silence Of The Lambs

25 January, 2012 — Media Lens

Seumas Milne, George Monbiot & ‘Media Analysis’ In The Guardian Wonderland

One of the original aims of Media Lens, when we began in 2001, was to engage in honest, open and rational debate with journalists working for major news organisations. It wasn’t about ‘bashing’ them or trying to make them look bad. We wanted to examine media assumptions, challenge journalists’ arguments and find out more about the unwritten rules of ‘responsible’ reporting.

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