Chavez. Venezuela is on the Threshold of New Tests By Nil NIKANDROV

21 December 2012 — Strategic Culture Foundation

We cannot yet have complete confidence in a successful outcome of the fourth operation, which Hugo Chavez has undergone. Cuban oncologists and surgeons are doing their best to suppress the disease, and the metastases which appear despite the grueling sessions of chemotherapy. Continue reading

A US Plan to Topple Hugo Chavez? By Mike Whitney

6 October, 2012 — Global Research

“The socialist revolution will not be stopped by anyone because it has become the people.” Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez

chavezThere’s no better time to read Cindy Sheehan’s heartfelt and galvanizing new book “Revolution, A Love Story than today, just hours before Venezuela’s presidential elections. The author provides a riveting summary of Latin American history dating back to the Conquistadors focusing particular attention on Washington’s myriad interventions and the rise of the region’s second greatest protagonist, Hugo Chavez. Sheehan–who is a self-confessed Chavez admirer–opines that the charismatic Venezuelan leader “like Simon Bolivar before him, not only dreams of a united Latin America, but is showing the way.” Continue reading