Deadly Opposition Violence in Venezuela: The First Major Destabilization Attempt Since 2002-03 By Dan Beeton

17 April 2013 — MRZine

Opposition protests turned deadly yesterday, with at least seven people having been reported killed and over 61 others injured as opposition groups reportedly burned the homes of PSUV leaders, community hospitals, andmercales (subsidized grocery stores), attacked Cuban doctors, attacked state and community media stations, and threatened CNE president Tibisay Lucena and other officials. Violence is likely to continue today, as both Capriles and Maduro have called for their supporters to demonstrate in the streets. Continue reading

Understanding the Venezuelan Presidential Election Outcome

15 April 2013 — Venezuela Analysis

Things are chaotic here, as we recover from the surprise, disappointment, and a bit of hurt from the election results, but also go out in the street to express our support for those results, and to defend the national electoral system, one of the best and most secure voting systems in the world in a country which just loves to vote. We move quickly from sad last night to concerned and determined today, as the caceroles sound around the neighbourhoods and the opposition hangs outside the National Electoral Council (CNE) here in Merida, hundreds of them walking around with rocks and glass bottles in their hands, itching to have something to react to.

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Venezuelan Government Releases “Evidence” that Opposition is Planning to not Recognise Election Results By Tamara Pearson

10 April 2013 — Venezuela Analysis

Merida, April 10th 2013 ( – This morning United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) leader Diosdado Cabello presented evidence, including phone recordings, documents, and emails, allegedly proving that the opposition has plans to not recognise the 14 April presidential election results.

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At 21 Years Since 4 February 1992: Either Chavismo Is Socialist or It’s Not Chavismo By NICMER EVANS

4 February 2013 — Venezuelanalysis – Aporrea

In his regular column “A Critical Space for the Construction of Socialism”, leftist Venezuelan political scientist Nicmer Evans looks at the state of the Bolivarian project on the 21stanniversary of the Chavez-led civic-military coup attempt against the neoliberal government of Carlos Andres Perez, on 4 February 1992. Despite the coup’s failure, it was the event which thrust Chavez into the public light and played a key role in his election as Venezuelan president in 1998. In his article, Evans argues that the Bolivarian project has reached a stage of maturity in which “the fact we’re talking about socialism must never be left to one side”. Continue reading

Exposing Five Key Media Myths about Chavez’s Health and Swearing-in By EWAN ROBERTSON AND TAMARA PEARSON

8 January 2013 — Venezuelanalysis

Over the last few weeks the private English media has stepped up its campaign against the Venezuelan revolution, spreading a number of lies and misconceptions around President Hugo Chavez’s health, the politics and legalities involved in his swearing-in for his new term, and the Venezuelan government’s handling of the situation.

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Venezuelan Leadership Up for Grabs? By Stephen Lendman

1 January, 2013Global Research


New reports about Chavez’s health raise concerns. He’s struggling to recover from complicated cancer surgery.

On October 7, Venezuelans overwhelmingly reelected him. They want no one else leading them. He transformed national politics responsibly. He established participatory democracy and social justice.

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Chavez. Venezuela is on the Threshold of New Tests By Nil NIKANDROV

21 December 2012 — Strategic Culture Foundation

We cannot yet have complete confidence in a successful outcome of the fourth operation, which Hugo Chavez has undergone. Cuban oncologists and surgeons are doing their best to suppress the disease, and the metastases which appear despite the grueling sessions of chemotherapy. Continue reading

ALBA and Others Condemn Armed Assault on Venezuela’s Diplomatic Residence in Libya By Juan Reardon

25 August 2011 — Venezuela Analysis


Venezuela’s Ambassador in Libya, Afif Tajeldine, speaking in front of rubble from a NATO bombing in Libya (Agencies).

San Francisco, August 25th 2011 ( – On Wednesday Venezuela’s ambassador in Libya denounced the looting of his official residence by armed men, calling the assault ‘a violation of Venezuelan sovereignty’ by ‘NATO itself.’ The governments of Cuba, Ecuador, Bolivia, among other ALBA nations, denounced the violent attack as a ‘breach of international law,’ as did Venezuela’s ruling United Socialist Party (PSUV).

Speaking to TeleSUR on Wednesday, Venezuelan Ambassador to Libya Afif Tajeldine explained that ‘a group of armed men’ had shot their way in to the official residence, ‘began searching the house and asking for me,’ before ‘looting all things, including the vehicles, the entire house, leaving nothing in the residence and shooting in the air as they left.’

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Venezuela's Choice By Michael Albert

30 September, 2010 — ZCommunications – ZNet Article

Venezuelan election commentary is still in flux – reactions are still trickling in. Still, so far available analyses are mostly failing to address the election's most important implications.

Yes, the Bolivarian Revolution is still in the saddle.

Yes, Chavez is vastly more popular – despite being in office ten years – than Obama, now in office for two years.

Yes the PSUV has retained more support and influence than, for example, the Democrats in the U.S.

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Criticizing Venezuela from the outside By William Bowles

14 May, 2010

Now ‘real’ lefties are probably going to call me a wuss, you know the kind of thing, ‘defend the revolution no matter what’, or label me a counter-revolutionary, but hey, it’s not for me to tell Venezuela how to do things whilst I’m sitting semi-comfortably here in London.

It’s real dilemma, after all we lefties want to see the Bolivarian revolution succeed just as much as the Venezuelan people do. So let’s hear what a Venezuelan comrade has to say on the subject of Chavez, PSUV and the state:

“Comrade Juan Contreras, an activist in the popular movement in the January 23 neighborhood and elected alternate deputy candidate by Circuit 1, was the next speaker. Contreras said that candidates of the apparatus had a tremendous advantage against the candidates of the popular movement and the fact that there were so many candidates had been a source of strength for the bureaucracy.

“He expressed deep concern over the fact that there had been an attempt to make the popular movement fit within the framework of the state. He reminded all those present that it was the actual movement of the masses that had saved the Revolution on April 11, 12 and 13, 2002 and again during the oil lockout. Nobody had called them out, but it was the spontaneous movement from below that overthrew the coup and rescued the government of the Revolution. According to Juan Contreras, this showed the great wisdom of the people.” — ‘Venezuela: The PSUV rank and file criticize the internal elections’, Vheadlines, 13 May, 2010

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Venezuela: Socialist Party Prepares for “Transition to Socialism” By Federico Fuentes

11 August 11, 2009 — T h e B u l l e t A Socialist Project e-bulletin No. 247

On August 1, United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) members across the country participated in 1556 local assemblies to discuss the reorganisation of the party’s base into local patrols.

This push to strengthen revolutionary organising comes at a time when attacks on Venezuela’s revolutionary process revolution “from outside and within have intensified”, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, also president of the PSUV, said on August 4.

“Each time that the revolution advances and accelerates its march, the attacks intensify.

“I will continue to put my foot down on the accelerator of the Bolivarian revolution. That is my role, that is my task and there is no time to lose.

“Today, in Venezuela, we are creating a true socialist democracy.”

After his re-election in the December 2006 presidential elections, Chavez issued a call to build a “new party… from the base” and at the service “of the people and the revolution, at the service of socialism.”

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Venezuela: ‘When the working class roars, capitalists tremble’ By Federico Fuentes

30 May, 2009 – Green Left

Addressing the 400-strong May 21 workshop with workers from the industrial heartland of Guayana, dedicated to the ‘socialist transformation of basic industry’, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez noted with satisfaction the outcomes of discussions: ‘I can see, sense and feel the roar of the working class.’

‘When the working class roars, the capitalists tremble’, he said.

Chavez announced plans to implement a series of radical measures, largely drawn from proposals coming from the workers’ discussion that day.

The workers greeted each of Chavez’s announcements with roars of approval, chanting ‘This is how you govern!’

Chavez said: ‘The proposals made have emerged from the depths of the working class. I did not come here to tell you what to do! It is you who are proposing this.’

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