"Shadows of Liberty": New Film Explores How Corporate Control of Media Erodes Press Freedoms

6 April 2013 — Democracy Now!

Shadows of Liberty: Using individual cases of journalists whose attempts to tell their stories have been muzzled by corporations and the government, the film shows how a corporate-controlled media can silence the truth about issues ranging from war to labor practices. In one instance, CBS refused to re-air an investigation by the prize-winning journalist Roberta Baskin on Nike’s use of sweatshop labor in Vietnam. Published on Apr 5, 2013 The new documentary “Shadows of Liberty” had its U.S. premiere last night at the National Conference for Media Reform in Denver.

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I pay this price for you: Haiti is open for business on top of our decomposed dead bodies, on top of our crushed bones…

12 November 2012Ezili Danto


Recommended HLLN Links: Photo: Obama Sec. of State, Hillary Clinton and former President Clinton, celebrate sweatshop opening at Caracol, Haiti. At the bottom in their own country, sad, exploited but dressed-up Haitians frame the Avatar crew’s feet. October 22, 2012. Photo credit: Larry Downing, AP – http://bit.ly/RyxPCN


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Would A $5-A-Day Minimum Wage Make Life Better In Haiti? By Adam Davidson

8 June 2011 — National Public Radio

Today, The Nation and Haiti Liberte posted a story about some Wikileaks memos that reveal that “Contractors for Fruit of the Loom, Hanes and Levi’s worked in close concert with the U.S. Embassy when they aggressively moved to block a minimum wage increase for Haitian assembly zone workers.” In 2009, before the earthquake, Haiti’s parliament passed a new minimum wage law mandating that people working in Haiti’s apparel factories — mostly cutting and sewing t-shirts — must make a minimum of $5 a day.

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WikiLeaks Haiti Cables Paint Stark Picture of U.S. Priorities By Sarah Jaffe

1 June 2011 — AlterNet

In 1,918 new cables released by WikiLeaks, the United States’ relationship to Haiti is laid bare—the maneuvering, the pressure, and the arrogance. The Nation is partnering with the Haitian weekly newspaper Haïti Liberté to produce several reports based on these cables, illuminating some of the many facets of this complex geopolitical struggle.

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HLLN: 5 March, 2010 – Rebuilding Haiti — the Sweatshop Hoax

5 March, 2010 – Ezili’s Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network

Betrayal of Haiti’s majority by Liberal Democrats: Rebuilding Haiti — the Sweatshop Hoax | Going against this reprehensible tide, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan calls for the return of President Aristide, inclusion of Haiti’s majority and a National Mobilization for authentic Haitian Relief/Rebuilding

Recommended HLLN Link: Obama’s offered HOPE is sweatshop slavery http://bit.ly/94PaiI

Changing Haiti’s Paradigm : Haitians must rebuild Haiti not the failed Internationals (UN/USAID/Clinton/IFIs/NGO poverty pimp industry in Haiti: HLLN 14-points to Return Haiti’s Sovereignty and Mobilize For Conscious Relief and Rebuilding with Human Rights, Healing and Dignity A compilation of links, with descriptions to news and analysis on the crisis in Haiti. http://bit.ly/9lXlRF

“Rebuilding Haiti” — the Sweatshop Hoax: …the leading proponents of development through sweatshops have been liberal Democrats in the United States. Members of the Congressional Black Caucus pushed hard for HOPE and HOPE II, the 2006 Haitian Hemispheric Opportunity through Partnership Encouragement Act and its 2008 extension; these acts make the plan possible by giving preferential treatment to U.S. imports of apparel assembled in Haiti. UN Special Envoy for Haiti Bill Clinton, the former U.S. president, has provided much of the PR for the plan; in the fall of 2009 he organized a special meeting to encourage foreign business investment in Haiti. Liberal U.S. financier and philanthropist George Soros is helping build a new $45 million industrial park near Port-au-Prince’s impoverished Cité Soleil neighborhood as part of the plan’s implementation. Adding to the project’s liberal credentials, in August 2009 Bill Clinton made Dr. Paul Farmer his deputy UN special envoy.” (http://bit.ly/a7TtCs)

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