HLLN Haiti News 7 July 2013: On eight anniversary of execution of Emmanuel "Drèd Wilmè, Haiti hero for the 21st century…

7 July 2013 — HLLN


Photo: The July 6, 2005 UN massacre in Site Soley Haiti http://on.fb.me/Pmz8Xi Photo -The July 6, 2005 UN massacre in Site Solèy Haiti that killed Haiti hero, Emmanuel “Drèd Wilmè and about 60 other Haitians, including a 1 year-old Nelson and four year-old son Stanley Romelus who was killed by a single US/UN shot to the head in bed, asleep in his mother’s arms.)


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HLLN: Please sign Petition to Free Lynne Stewart: Save Her Life – Release Her Now! | The Assassination Of Dr. King And The Suppression Of The Anti-War And Peace Perspectives

6 April 2013 — HLLN


– Please sign Petition to Free Lynne Stewart: Save Her Life – Release Her Now! http://chn.ge/WixRmO


“I shall refuse all solid food,” Dick Gregory declared on April 4, the anniversary of the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr., “until Lynne Stewart is freed and receives medical treatment in the care of her family and with physicians of her choice without which she will die.”


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Excerpts from HLLN complaint against the US/Obama occupational forces for bringing cholera to Haiti | End the killing and illegal US occupation of Haiti behind UN guns

23 February 2013 — HLLN


Recommended HLLN Links: “The accused UN cannot investigate itself” – Ezili Dantò, Oct 30, 2010 interview with Yves Point Du Jour http://bit.ly/bKoR1g


Haiti elections and Cholera interview with Ezili Dantò of HLLN, Oct. 22, 2010, Gorilla Radio http://bit.ly/hpcT3g


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HLLN 13 January 2013: Your story Haiti, For You: Light and Libation, A Bouquet of Tears | Seismic Shifts – Haiti freestyling to murder Tarzan, Jane & their Uncle Toms

13 January 2013HLLN
Recommended HLLN Link: Foreign violence against Haiti is the norm. Haiti struggles on, paying an untenable price, lighting a path for love and justice http://bit.ly/13eKwK3
Felipe Luciano/WBAI interviews Ezili Dantò of HLLN on Haiti, three years after the earthquake. Broadcast on Jan 11, 2012 http://bit.ly/13eKwK3 Continue reading

HLLN: Martelly visits Pope on day embracing genocide & enslavement| In contrast, Algonquin peoples lift indigenous Haiti's defeat of Pope & white settlers at Vertieres

23 November 2012 — HLLN


Recommended HLLN Atonement Day Links: Algonquin peoples and their chief welcome all Haitians as their own, lift up indigenous Haiti‘s defeat of the brutal enslavers and rapists at Vertieres Youtube Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2U7Bo4eB8w0 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ET424-qmk9k and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-EGbNg4BP7o


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HLLN: The lies of RNDDH | Miami Herald finally covers the Brandt kidnapping: Jacqueline Charles Charles fails to confess that her paper was the main racist culprit

20 November 2012 — HLLN


“…the FBI has become involved in the kidnapping ring.” —Jacqueline Charles, Miami Herald, http://bit.ly/106b0fd


“…Father Jean Juste died because of his wrongful imprisonment, mostly based on RNDDH lies and here it is Jacqueline Charles and the Miami Herald is quoting RNDDH as if they were some legitimate human rights organization.


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HLLN: Finding the strength on November 18, 2012 – It takes courage Ayisyen. It hurts unbearably Ayisyen Kenbe la, pa lage | FreeHaitiMovement Nov 18. posts and links

18 November 2012Ezili Dantò


Recommended HLLN Link: Remembering the Battle of Vertierres – Nov 18, 1803 the final Haiti battle defeating European slavery, forced assimilation, the slave trade and colonialism in Haiti. (The Haitian struggle – the greatest David vs. Goliath battle being played out on this planet – http://bit.ly/2vqDXL )


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I pay this price for you: Haiti is open for business on top of our decomposed dead bodies, on top of our crushed bones…

12 November 2012Ezili Danto


Recommended HLLN Links: Photo: Obama Sec. of State, Hillary Clinton and former President Clinton, celebrate sweatshop opening at Caracol, Haiti. At the bottom in their own country, sad, exploited but dressed-up Haitians frame the Avatar crew’s feet. October 22, 2012. Photo credit: Larry Downing, AP – http://bit.ly/RyxPCN


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Ezili's HLLN on truth in a time of universal deceit

17 March 2012HLLN


“These insects invading Haiti are reprobates, racist and narcissistic, analogous to the rich and high-born serial killers conducting their depravity at private clubs – gated compounds left alone by police because of the pathology of power, respect for old money and Ivy League reputations.


Their shameless reign is called Western civilization, hope for Haiti and the ultimate in technology-transfer and US democracy when its nothing if not high classed criminals disemboweling their defenseless preys in  Haiti with everyone’s eyes wide open. Refusing to see…”


For complete essay, go to Haiti’s cholera case against UN in light of USUN recent admissions




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