PM wants General Nizar al Khazraji “brought to justice” by Edward Teague

17 February 2005 — The New Dark Age

February 1st, 1800 Hrs. the Board Room of the Manchester Evening News and ten selected members of the public are here to ask the Prime Minister a question. Self-consciously they wait to pose the question, their carefully vetted anodyne questions for the prim Minister who is in town.

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Information Clearing House Archive Part 3 February 17 2005

17 February 2005 — Information Clearing House

[I’ve been archiving ICH digests since early 2003. Unfortunately, an unknown number of the links are now dead, so I can’t guarantee that the link will take you where you want to go. WB]

Information Clearing House Digest
February 12-17 2005
Date: Thu, 17 Feb 2005 


How The U.S. Murdered a City

Fallujah: The Truth at Last

Doctor Salam Ismael took aid to Fallujah last month. This is a first hand account of his visit.

A wave of hate had wiped out two-thirds of the town, destroying houses and mosques, schools and clinics. This was the terrible and frightening power of the US military assault.

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First stop Damascus – next stop Tehran? al-Hariri assassination followed by character assassination

17 February 2005

“Whatever happens, the reaction will be against the Syrians. It’s obvious … Being obvious is the name of the game these days,” a Lebanese observer told on the condition of anonymity

Recent utterances by the Bush administration about Syria have a predictably ominous ring to them that when coupled to the massive car bomb that killed the former Lebanese prime minister Rafiq al-Hariri, fit a pattern that prepares the ground for more aggressive actions, more than likely to be carried out by its proxy in the region, Israel. Continue reading