David Parker: Palestine: the Architecture of Apartheid

12 October, 2008

Interview with Jon Elmer – In the 2007 publication ‘Hollow Land‘, Eyal Weizman, the Israeli-born, London-based architect, reconceptualized geopolitics in the Occupied Territories. The political space created by Israeli apartheid is a web of total domination and control over Palestinians. The architecture and urban planning inside the territories demonstrate a late-modern colonial occupation. Israel owns the subterranean aquifers beneath Gaza and the West Bank, controls the airspace above, and has weaved a web of Israeli only settlements, highways, and security perimeters throughout the West Bank, while turning Gaza into an open-air prison.

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Layla Anwar, An Arab Woman Blues: Jingle Bells and all that Stuff…


23 December, 2008

Ah! Another Xmas…I don’t care much for Xmas or any other holiday. For me, it’s all the same…same thing, day in and day out…

I go through the motions and repeat the greetings with a fake smile, but I really don’t care much. Santa can go and stuff himself as far as I am concerned.

Well, he does not need to stuff himself, he is already stuffed…and so are you.

Seems you have all been under the taxidermist knife…stuffed to the brink, stuffed to your eyeballs, stuffed…stuffed with paper, cotton, rags, words…

And this Christmas you will stuff yourselves even more…with more stuff and more stuffing…Your husbands are stuffed, your wives are stuffed, your kids are stuffed, your homes are stuffed, your shops are stuffed, your brains are stuffed…you are stuffed.

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Rannie Amiri: Arabs’ Deadly Silence: All Quiet on the Gaza Shore


'The complicity of the Arab states in abetting the Israeli siege.' (Photo: AP)

“…a person who hears the voice of a man who calls the Muslims to his help but he does not respond to him, is not a Muslim.” — Prophet Muhammad

Gaza is an island.

Although located in the middle of the Arab world and bordering one of its principal and most populous countries, it could very well be in the middle of the ocean, isolated and unbeknownst to anyone. Its residents, if given the choice, may actually prefer this setting than bear witness to the malignant neglect afforded them by their fellow Arabs as Gaza inexorably withers under the barbaric Israeli siege.

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