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4 December, 2008

The Guardian columnist, George Monbiot, posted the following on our website message board yesterday:

“Can this be true?

“If so, I think I have reason to feel aggrieved.”

The link was to a blog by Bob Shone. Shone has, himself, long felt aggrieved by our criticism of Iraq Body Count (IBC), of which he is a passionate supporter. In response, he has smeared us whenever and wherever he can across the web. Perhaps because we have written less about IBC over the last couple of years, Shone has branched out by, for example, misrepresenting our criticism of Nick Davies‘s book Flat Earth News.

In his latest blog, Shone writes:

“Medialens stress that journalists should ‘subject their host media to serious and sustained criticism’ (Alert, 3/5/03). They’ve attacked Guardian columnist George Monbiot for not being more critical of the Guardian.* Yet, in a single Guardian article (The Lies of the Press), Monbiot wrote more words criticising the Guardian than Medialens wrote criticising the New Statesman (NS) in their entire run of NS columns.” (

Monbiot comments on our message board:

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Odetta Live in concert 2005, “House of the Rising Sun”

Odetta Holmes 1930-2008

I remember seeing her perform in one of those small gardens alongside some towering skyscraper in Manhattan with a waterfall at her back and her saying to the small audience that she’d have to retune her guitar so it didn’t collide with the noise the water made.


4 December, 2008


Family stage courtroom protest
To members of Justice 4 Jean

Kevin At Copwatcher
Relatives of Jean Charles de Menezes have staged a dramatic courtroom protest today during the closing stages of the inquest into his death.

Five members of the de Menezes family unzipped their coats to reveal t-shirts with the slogans “Your Legal Right to Decide” and “Unlawful Killing Verdict” in full view of the jury.

The relatives then walked from their seats towards the jury box. Court ushers and security guards hurried forward, intercepted them and ushered the group out of the courtroom through a side door.

Keep updated by visiting the J4J inquest blog at

All the best,

J4J Campaign

3 December, 2008

Dear Friends,

We sadly report we lost our High Court challenge over verdicts today. The Coroner will finish his summing up tomorrow and the jury are expected to go out mid morning.

Please see below for an urgent message from Vivien Figuerdo, cousin of Jean Charles who lived with him at the time of the shooting in July 2005.

Best wishes

J4J Campaign


Dear Friends

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the support you have given our family over the last 3 ½ years. We have been humbled by your support and on days like today, knowing that you are behind us, gives us the strength to carry on. Today was an incredibly sad day for our family. Losing in the High Court was devastating.

Tomorrow all of Jean’s cousins who live in the UK and will be attending the final part of the inquest to hear the end of the Coroners summing up. We hope you can join us.

Join us on the last day of this inquest to fill the public gallery in a sign of solidarity with our family. Solidarity against injustice, against lies, against cover ups, against collusion, against a system which has repeatedly blocked, silenced and stopped all the avenues we have tried to pursue for justice. We have been patient, we have been respectful, we have done everything they could have asked and we have got nothing.

Another person could be shot and killed, another family could go through the horrendous ordeal we have gone through. Nothing has changed. Words cannot bring me to express how that feels after everything we have done.

But we still have faith in the jury to do the right thing. They have the power to do that.

I hope to see you at the inquest tomorrow. We will be holding a press conference after the jury have gone out to express our feelings at this time.

Vivien Figuerdo

Cousin of Jean Charles, on behalf of the Menezes Family.