Aleksei YEGOROV: Hillary Clinton’s Appointment Complete the Pre-Election Project Called ‘Obama’

3 December, 2008

Most definitely, the first person you imagine after learning that Mrs. Clinton is now heading the US State Department, is her husband Bill, a man playing the sax, the same saxophone – as he admitted in court – that a White House intern named Monica Lewinsky would play quite often in her day.

It appears so easy to picture Hillary’s meeting with one of the politicians she has not yet known; would they not think: ‘That’s what you are, Monica – excuse me, Hillary…’

The second thing that might immediately spring up in your mind is that the pre-election PR show code-named ‘Barack Obama’ staged by the Democratic party, is over now given how good Barack was playing his part of a cover of a second arrival to power of the old team of Democrats that ruled America in 1992-2000.

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Codepink: Is Obama forgetting something?

5 December, 200

When America voted for Barack Obama, America voted for change. As we watch the President Elect pull together his cabinet, full of members of the Clinton and Bush administrations, we want to remind him of the promises he’s made to the American people. We want to remind him to keep the door open to voices that belong to the future, not just the past–to listen to the people who were right about the war in Iraq, right about the bail out, right about the many tragic failures of the Bush years.

Two weeks ago, we asked you to urge Obama to meet with leaders of the peace movement to talk about bringing our troops home. Thousands of you have added your voices to the petition; if you haven’t signed yet, please do so now– this petition is linked to and will be submitted directly to the Obama transition team. (

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Tim Black: An intolerable attack on all of us, the people

‘That the freedom of speech and debates or proceedings in Parliament ought not to be impeached or questioned in any court or place out of Parliament.’ — Bill of Rights (1689)

It is not going too far to compare the arrest of Damian Green with King Charles I’s war-provoking arrest of five members of parliament in 1642.

The 12th of November 2007 was not a day to shake the UK’s newsrooms. The horrific killing of British student Meredith Kercher in Bologna continued to excite interest but, other than that, it was business as usual, from muted optimism over the housing market to reports of a shortage of Polish plumbers.

British Party politics was proving no more edifying; the main story focused on leaked revelations that the Home Office had licensed ‘5,000 illegal immigrants’ to work as security guards in some of the ‘UK’s most sensitive buildings’. The New Labour home secretary Jacqui Smith was duly embarrassed. And the government’s parliamentary opponents duly took every opportunity to make her more so.

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AKIVA ELDAR: Obama’s Palestinian Friend: a MUST READ interview with Rashid Khalidi

5 Dec 2008 from Haaretz

Obama’s Palestinian friend, WRITTEN BY AKIVA ELDAR

Prof. Rashid Khalidi didn’t react when John McCain described him as a ‘Palestinian hater of Israel,’ because he wanted Barack Obama to win. But now, in an interview in Jerusalem, he is ready to express his displeasure with the president-elect. And he does not think Obama can make a fundamental change in U.S. policy on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

No one stopped Rashid Khalidi, the Columbia University professor of Modern Arab Studies, at Ben-Gurion airport. Having just landed after the long flight from New York, the professor was anticipating the traditional reception from airport security personnel reserved for visitors with “suspicious” names. To his surprise, he entered the airport like anyone else, with no problems or delays. Perhaps word had gotten around at Ben-Gurion that he was the Palestinian friend of United States President-elect Barack Obama.

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Blowing Away Palestinians with Remote Control Guns

The Israel Defense Forces has found a way to target Gaza Strip ‘terrorists’ from kilometers away, with just three pushes of a button. It may look like a video game, but it’s actually a new system called “The Seer Shoots,” which has entered operation in recent days on the Gaza Strip border. Several of these domes were recently installed along the Israel-Gaza border. But you won’t find the shooter inside, but rather in a virtual battleground, operating a heavy machine gun from a kilometer away.

Three days ago, Israeli air strikes killed two teenage Palestinian boys, while Israel increases its criminal siege into the Gaza Strip.

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