GazaFriends: – Israeli Gunboats Came out of the Darkness and Rammed us Three Times

(Lebanon, Tuesday 30 December) – Today the Free Gaza ship “Dignity” carefully made its way to safe harbor in Tyre, Lebanon’s southern-most port city, after receiving serious structural damage when Israeli warships rammed its bow and the port side. Waiting to greet the passengers and crew were thousands of Lebanese who came out to show their solidarity with this attempt to deliver volunteer doctors and desperately needed medical supplies to war-ravaged Gaza. The Lebanese government has pledged to provide a forensic analysis of what happened in the dark morning, when Israel rammed the civilian ship in international waters, and put the people on board in danger of losing their lives.

The Dignity, on a mission of mercy to besieged Gaza, was attacked by the Israeli Navy at approximately 6am (UST) in international waters, roughly 90 miles off the coast of Gaza. Several Israeli warships surrounded the small, human rights boat, firing live ammunition around it, then intentionally ramming it three times. According to ship’s captain Denis Healy, the Israeli attack came, “”without any warning, or any provocation.”
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Ran HaCohen: Pacifying Gaza

30 December, 2008

Defense Minister Ehud Barak (the Hebrew surname means “lightning,” German “Blitz”) did it again: a historic record of over 200 Palestinians killed in a single Sabbath’s blitz (Dec. 27). Polls now predict five additional Knesset seats for his Labor Party in the coming February general election. That’s 40 Palestinian corpses per seat. No wonder he promises it’s just the beginning: at this pace, it will take Labor just about two thousand additional corpses to go from rags to riches, from a dead political party to an absolute majority in parliament like in the good old days.
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Join the protests across the UK and take action to stop the massacre in Gaza!

PSC thanks the thousands of people who came out to demonstrate outside the Israeli embassy in London and across the UK, to call for an end to the killing and an end to the siege of the people of Gaza.

Please join the protests and demonstrations over the next few days (please check our website for latest events)

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Mustafa Barghouti – Palestine’s Guernica and the Myths of Israeli Victimhood

29 December, 2008 03:56 PM CST

gaza-children.jpgThe Israeli campaign of ‘death from above’ began around 11 am, on Saturday morning, the 27th of December, and stretched straight through the night into this morning. The massacre continues Sunday as I write these words.

The bloodiest single day in Palestine since the War of 1967 is far from over following on Israel’s promised that this is ‘only the beginning’ of their campaign of state terror. At least 290 people have been murdered thus far, but the body count continues to rise at a dramatic pace as more mutilated bodies are pulled from the rubble, previous victims succumb to their wounds and new casualties are created by the minute.
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PCHR: 251 Palestinians, Mostly Civilians, Including 20 Children and 9 Women, Killed and 584 Others, Including 130 Children and 28 Women, Wounded

[Although now two days old, the PCHR press release is detailed and thoroughly documented. Ed]

Palestinian Centre for Human Rights LTD (non profit)
Press Release

Ref: 117/2008
Date: 28 December 2008
Time: 12:00 GMT
For the second consecutive day, Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) have continued to wage their bloodiest and most brutal war against the Gaza Strip since its occupation in 1967, under an international and Arab conspiracy of silence. In details of PCHR’s press release issued yesterday and the attacks that followed, yesterday evening, IOF launched more air strikes against many civilian facilities, including workshops, houses, medical warehouses and even mosques in a grave precedent. IOF war planes have so far continued to fly over the Gaza Strip terrifying the Palestinian civilian population. At night, many Palestinian families received phone calls from the Israeli intelligence, which ordered them to vacate their houses as they would be bombarded. Such phone calls confused Palestinian civilians.
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Gaza Emergency Appeal from Physicians for Human Rights-Israel

Physicians for Human Rights-Israel
Gaza Emergency Appeal
December 29, 2008

Gaza Hospitals Already Filled to Capacity; Medical Supplies on the Verge of Depletion

Since the beginning of attacks in Gaza three days ago, over 300 people have been reported dead, more than 1000 wounded, and many hundreds more are in need of immediate medical attention. With a medical system already on the verge of collapse as a result of the ongoing closure, 1.4 million civilians are in desperate need of urgent medical help from outside the Gaza Strip.

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Take Action – (USA) Palestinians in Gaza are bleeding


Write letters to members of Congress and the State Department, demonstrate at the White House and Israeli Embassies and consulates, write letters to the editor and op-eds for every news outlet, call radio talk shows, protest the U.S. representatives at the UN and their protection of Israeli crimes.

Over 350 dead and over 1,650 Injured Palestinians in Gaza

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Dan Freeman-Maloy: Israeli Slaughter, International Culpability

Gaza massacre points to urgent need for viable sanctions

There is every reason to be outraged. But despite the severity of Israeli atrocities in Gaza, we have little right to act surprised. Whatever else can be said, Israel has made it abundantly clear that until its actions are met with credible international sanctions, it will subject Palestinians (and very likely others in the region) to massive, recurring waves of violence.

This was clear when the Obama-Biden campaign helped to lay the political foundation for this assault. It was clear when, amidst threats of such an operation and ongoing colonization in the West Bank, the European Union voted to upgrade relations with Israel earlier this month. For those of us in Canada, it has been clear as the Harper government has sharpened its alignment with Israel in the absence of any sustained parliamentary opposition.

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Gaza media blackout

The blockade of Gaza has now been extended to the media

In this week’s News Divide we turn our attention to the Israeli blockade of Gaza, which has now been extended to the media, creating a news blackout that has severely restricted the reporting of the suffering in Gaza to the outside world.

In the last few weeks, Israel has placed a blanket ban on the flow of all international journalists into Gaza. The Israeli government denies that the blockade is aimed at the media and says it has to do with security concerns, rather than controlling information.

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Gaza Attack: Please sign petition

My name is Amira Daoud. I work for a group called American Muslims for Palestine. We are a non-profit organization working for the cause. We have already started a 1000 letter campaign to the U.S. Foreign Affairs committee, a phone/fax/email campaign to the Egyptian embassy, White House and various other political leaders.

Thank you for your hard work.
In Peace,