Yousef Abudayyeh – Duty as a Community and a People

3 Jan 2009 05:53 AM CST

As of the time of this seventh FPA statement, the number of murdered Palestinians in the Gaza Strip had reached at least 434 and those injured exceeded 2,280 with more than 200 in very critical conditions. Full families were slaughtered from infants to parents. Numerous mosques were obliterated as the indiscriminate assault continues unabated.

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For more details on upcoming protest actions or to read reports, go here.

Today, all indications point to an imminent ground attack. It is likely that it will be intense and focused on specified areas with prescribed goals. Typical of the Zionist leadership, it remains focused on attaining its colonial goals with utter disregard to the popular international outcry that has erupted worldwide and continues to this day. Political and military Zionist leaders are encouraged by the complicit response from Arab regimes, especially Egypt. Israel correctly recognizes the silence and inaction on the part of the regimes as a green light to escalate.
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GazaFriends: FG Update and Call to Action

Dear Friends of Gaza,

On Monday, December 29 we sent our small ship, the DIGNITY, to besieged Gaza in an act of civil resistance against Israel’s ongoing massacre and blockade. We attempted to bring doctors, journalists, human rights workers and over three tons of emergency medical aid to the suffering people of Gaza in the midst of the worst attacks against them in over 40 years.  In a cowardly act of aggression the Israeli navy deliberately, repeatedly, and without warning rammed our unarmed ship, causing significant structural damage and endangering the lives of our passengers and crew. For CNN’s coverage of the incident, see the video. This was an act of terror meant to prevent us from accessing the people of Gaza. We will not be intimidated. We will not let Israel’s terror tactics stop us from trying to reach the people of Gaza and doing all that we can to directly confront and challenge Israel’s violence against the Palestinian people and ongoing affront to humanity.
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The obscenity that is the state of Israel By William Bowles

4 January 2009

The Gaza strip is 360 square kilometers in size with a population approaching 1.5 million people, over 60% of whom are under the age of fourteen. By comparison, London is 1,706 square km, or 4.7 times the size of the Gaza Strip.

Since 27 December, 2008 the Gaza Strip has been subjected to intense aerial bombardment with the most powerful weapons on the planet, all of which have been supplied by the United States: F-16s, Apache helicopter gunships, thermobaric bombs, remote-guided missile equipped drones. Hundreds of tons of bombs and missiles have been dropped on the most densely packed place on Earth

And this on top of the complete blockade that has denied the Palestinians the most basic of necessities of life.

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The Jerusalem Post explains why Israel has gotten such ‘good’ media coverage

[If any readers have wondered why the obscenity that is the state of Israel has gotten such ‘good’ coverage from the Western media, this article from the Jerusalem Post goes some way to explaining why. Ed]

Foreign and domestic television crews are lined up along Herzl Street in Sderot on a cold Thursday afternoon. A siren sounds and the crews run into crowded bomb shelter doorways as three booming thumps are heard in the distance. Kassams have just struck the Negev town.

This first-hand experience of life under rocket fire may be one of the reasons Israeli diplomats and spokesmen feel Israel is finally getting a hearing in the international media.
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