William Blum: Anti Empire Report #65, 3 January, 2008: America's other glorious war

bblum.jpegThe Pentagon pushes hard for a large increase in troops for Afghanistan.  Barack Obama has been calling for the same since well before the November election. Listen to the drumbeats telling us that the security of the United States and the Free World necessitates increased action in this place called Afghanistan.  As urgent as Iraq 2003, it is. Why? What is there about this backward, reactionary, woman-hating, failed state that warrants hundreds of deaths of American and NATO soldiers?  That justifies tens of thousands of Afghan deaths since the first US bombing attacks in October 2001?
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Amira Hass: Did the IAF bomb a Gazan welding truck or a Hamas Grad transport?

3 January, 2009

Just before midnight, on December 29, the Israel Defense Forces Spokesman’s Office posted an urgent headline on its Web site: Truck packed with weapons attacked near Jabalya.

The subheadline went on to read: “At around 6 P.M., the Israel Air Force attacked a Hamas truck carrying dozens of Grad rockets.”

According to the article, the rockets in the truck caused a secondary explosion, shooting pieces of weaponry in all directions. The rockets were being transferred, said the article, due to militants’ fear that their present storehouse would be attacked by the IAF, as well as to be put to use for launching at Israel.

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SS Dignity: We Lived to Tell the Story: Lebanon Rescued Us

1 January, 2009


Yesterday, we met with the President of Lebanon, the Chief of the Military, and the Interior Minister who all thanked us for responding and risking our lives on a mission of mercy; we profusely thanked them for rescuing us.

What would we have done, stranded out at sea, prohibited from reaching our destination, low on fuel, with a badly damaged boat if Lebanon had not accepted us? Lebanon sent their ships to find us. Lebanon rescued us. Lebanon welcomed us. And we are truly thankful.
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