Palestinian Centre for Human Rights LTD (non profit) Press Release

Ref: 16/2009
Date: 16 January 2009
Time: 13:00 GMT

  • IOF Assassinate Said Seyam, a Hamas Movement Leader and PLC Member:
  • Intensive IOF Shelling into Densely Populated Neighborhoods, Civilian and Humanitarian Facilities, Including Hospitals and UNRWA Headquarters :
  • 50 Palestinians Killed During Reporting Period, 36 of Them Unarmed Civilians, Including 12 children and 4 Women:
  • Overall Gaza Death Toll Mounts to 1,130, Including 801 Unarmed Civilians;
  • Victims Include 264 Children, 82 Women and 167 Civilian Police Officers:
  • Victims Also Include 7 Medical Personnel and 3 Palestinian Journalists

For the twenty first consecutive day, the Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) have continued their indiscriminate attacks across the Gaza Strip, escalating ground and air attacks into densely populated areas across the entire Strip, with total disregard for civilian lives.

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“The Gaza war” By Shmuel Amir

Slaughter from the sky

Upon the launching of the attack on Gaza, Ehud Barak struck the pose of Julius Caesar, who announced with his crossing of the Rubicon that “the die is cast”, and declared “combat has begun”. The question begged is, which combat exactly? Two sides are needed in order for there to be a war, as we all know; but here in Gaza, are there two sides to the bombing of Gaza from the air? On one side is there not an air force equipped with the best aircraft provided by its “friend”, the USA, while on the other side are completely defenceless people facing heavy bombardment that rains down on them from the heavens? Is there such a thing as a war in which only one side is fighting?

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Birth Pangs of a New Palestine by Mouin Rabbani

7 January, 2009

Shortly after 11:30 am on December 27, 2008, at the height of the midday bustle on the first day of the Gazan week and with multitudes of schoolchildren returning home from the morning shift, close to 90 Israeli warplanes launched over 100 tons of explosives at some 100 targets throughout the 139 square miles of the Gaza Strip. Within minutes, the near simultaneous air raids killed more than 225 and wounded at least 700, more than 200 of them critically. These initial attacks alone produced dozens more dead than any other day in the West Bank and Gaza combined since Israel’s occupation of those lands commenced in June 1967.

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Israel’s Next War: Today the Gaza Strip, Tomorrow Lebanon? By Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya

17 January, 2009 Global Research

The March to War: Today the Gaza Strip, Tomorrow Lebanon…

In the Middle East, it is widely believed that the war against Gaza is an extension of the 2006 war against Lebanon. Without question, the war in the Gaza Strip is a part of the same conflict. 

Moreover, since the Israeli defeat in 2006, Tel Aviv and Washington have not abandoned their design to turn Lebanon into a client state.

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert told France’s President Nicolas Sarkozy, in so many words, during his visit to Tel Aviv in early January that today Israel was attacking Hamas in the Gaza Strip and that tomorrow it would be fighting Hezbollah in Lebanon.[1]

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GazaFriends: Vittorio Arrigoni: Dante’s Hell is Alive and Well in Gaza

Dante Alighieri could never have imagined circles as hellish as the wards of the damned in Jabalia’s hospitals. The laws of divine justice are turned on their head around here: the more innocent the victim, the less likely that they’ll be spared martyrdom through bombing. At Kamal Odwan and Al Auda hospitals, the ceramic tiles in the first aid units are always shiny. The cleaners are permanently busy wiping away the blood dripping copiously from the stretchers constantly carrying in the massacred bodies. Iyad Mutawwaq was walking in the street when a bomb tore open a building not far from him. He and other passers-by rushed over to try and bring some aid when a second bomb was dropped on the same building. It killed a father of 9, two brothers and another passer-by who had rushed over to help. The same story could be told over ten, or one hundred times. The perfect terrorist technique is being immaculately carried out by the Israeli army. You drop a bomb, wait for the first-aiders, then drop another bomb on the wounded and the first-aiders.

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