OCCUPATION PALESTINE: Zionism Up Close, Personal And Despicable

“The Amount Of Racism I Heard On The Trip, From Both My Fellow Birthrighteers And The Actual American And Israeli Tour Guides, Was Mind-Boggling.

February 5, 2009 Kyle Matzpen (not his real name) describes what it was like to be in Israel during the slaughter of Gaza; Socialist Worker.

JUDAISM EQUALS Zionism–so I have been taught since my early days in Hebrew school.

To be against one is to be against both, so if you disagree with the tenets of Zionism or the actions of Israel in the slightest, then you’re an anti-Semite–or in my case, a self-hating Jew.

But underneath this name-calling by Zionists lies a demand for unquestioning conformity from Jews in support of Israel in perpetuity, despite whatever that means for others.

Otherwise, you’re not a Jew.

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Housmans Bookshop (London): Miners’ Strike 25th Anniversary: Party and Book Launch

Saturday March 21st 2009 6.30pm onwards
Housmans Bookshop
5 Caledonian Road

Book launch for The ‘Dirty 30’ – an oral history of the Leicestershire Miners who struck throughout the entire dispute. By Dave Bell and published by Five Leaves.

With music and some tales to be told.


Public Reading Rooms
5, Caledonian Road
Kings Cross
London N1 9DX


The Schools, the Schools, the Miserable Schools

Defense Attorney Leonard Weinglass: “Between the date of your birth, Nov. 30, 1936, and May 1, 1960, what if anything occurred in your life?”

Abbie Hoffman: “Nothing. I believe it is called an American Education.” — from the Chicago Eight Trial transcript

I think it was the ambushing of one of my best students that finally prodded me to start this series on education (and, for the moment, it will be informal and imperiodic). Yes, that was it. He came to me with the complaint that he’d slipped from an A to a high C, which astounded me, as the kid is one of my brightest pupils. Taken aback, I said “You’re kidding! You know Grammar better than your teachers, and literary analysis is not exactly your weak point. What’s the problem?”

“The teacher gave us a test on The Scarlet Letter, and we were required to know who was saying what in a set of random quotes. It didn’t make any sense at all.”

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GazaFriends: “Disappeared” Free Gaza Activist Theresa McDermott Found in Israel’s Ramleh Prison

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  Sunday, February 8, 2009

Contact in Jerusalem:  Lubna Masarwa (Hebrew, Arabic, English) 00 972 505 633 044 lubnaa@gmail.com

Contact in US:  Karin Pally (English) 310-399-1921 kpally@earthlink.net

Scottish activist Theresa McDermott has been found in Ramleh prison four days after she was “disappeared” by the Israel government after being forcibly removed from a seaborne Lebanese aid mission to Gaza. In early February Theresa responded to a call for support from internationals from the organizers of a Lebanese humanitarian aid voyage to Gaza aboard the Togo flagged ship, Tali. Theresa was one of only 9 passengers aboard the cargo ship on February 4, 2009 when Israeli gunboats intercepted it, boarded and forced the ship to Ashdod port in Israel.

All the passengers and crew aboard were released on Thursday, February 5 except Theresa. Between Thursday evening and Sunday morning there was no word about Theresa’s whereabouts except several false stories saying that “Britons” had departed to London. Finally on Sunday, Theresa was able to call her brother John in Scotland to say she was in Ramleh prison in Israel.

According to Al Jazeera journalist Salam Khodr, when the ship was boarded, the passengers were beaten and kicked by Israeli soldiers before being removed from the ship.

No information has been provided by Israeli officials about why Theresa has been detained, what the charges are if any and why her detention was concealed. When the British Consulate in Israel was contacted for assistance in finding Theresa, staff refused to help locate Theresa saying they couldn’t provide assistance to a UK citizen unless she personally requested it. Members of the Scottish Parliament including Pauline McNeil and Hugh O’Donnell who were part of a fall delegation to Gaza aboard the Free Gaza boat, Dignity, are working with the British government to ensure that Theresa receives the protection and assistance to which she is entitled.

Theresa went to Gaza with the first Free Gaza boats in August and returned with the ship Dignity for a second voyage. She is a respected, long time human rights activist who has worked with the International Solidarity Movement in Palestine as well as with Free Gaza. At home in Scotland she works for the Post Office. The Israelis found only medical and other humanitarian aid on the Tali but refused to return the ship. The status of its humanitarian cargo is unknown.